What's your MORE?

Are you willing to give yourself radical permission to have it?

I guide people to identify and receive what they want more of
(time, health, money, freedom, and joy)
and to clear the internal roadblocks
so that they can live a sumptuous life.


Jennifer Bloome

Jennifer Bloome

How can you finally have more of what you want?

Change your Abundance Identity.

image of two women. One receiving abundance, the other blocking it.

Your Abundance Identity is the filter that either allows or blocks you from receiving abundance.

  1. Abundance is more than just money. Abundance is the Divine made physical in the form of time, love, relationships, health, nature, beauty, and yes, money. The Divine is ALWAYS flowing us abundance, but it is up to us to “decide” what abundance we will accept. This decision comes from our relationship with Abundance and our Abundance Identity.
  2. From the time we are an infant, we are learning rules about abundance. Whether it is easy or hard to receive. Whether we need to work to prove that we have earned it. Whether abundance will change our core personality (maybe even make us turn evil). Whether we should rely on Divinity or on our own actions. Whether life is chaotic or more easygoing. And much, much more.
  3. Everything we learn makes up our Abundance Identity and becomes the filter that either allows or blocks us from receiving abundance. This filter lies in our subconscious, so it can not be changed only through conscious tools like vision boards, affirmations, mantras, etc.  

Change your Abundance Identity
Receive your Abundance

Take the first step by learning about your specific Abundance Identity in my free video presentation + experience. 

Kind Words

Kimberly Tee

"Now that I have experienced the sacred container that Jennifer creates during her programs, and feeling safe to really dive in and explore money, my understanding of money has completely transformed as has my entrepreneurial endeavor which is really taking shape and is now taking off! Thank you Jennifer Bloome for being who you are and sharing what you know and doing it as only you can."

Kimberly Tee

"Since working with Jennifer my relationship with money is open available & easy.  I KNOW my specific way of manifesting money, clients and opportunities. I no longer have fears or worry about money. I love being in her Prosperity Momentum Program, she always brings great questions and exercises to continue my money relationship growth. Thank you Jennifer!"

Sonya Nagy

Sonya Nagy
Jenny Smith

Working with Jennifer has totally changed my relationship with money. She helped me learn how to have a healthy relationship, how to let go of old beliefs and behavior. I’ve worked one-on-one with her and been a member of her Prosperity Expansion community for several years. To say I’m a much better person would be an understatement! I love who I am now and I love how empowered I feel.

Jenny Smith, California

Jennifer Bloome

"Your Soul's vision is going to be bigger, better, and more complete than anything you could see through your human experience. Your connection with Divinity will always provide every resource that you require to bring that vision to life."  

Jennifer Bloome


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Soul Language Identifications

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About Jennifer

Jennifer Bloome is a Soul Abundance Guide, Energy Healer, and Master Soul Language Practitioner. She teaches people how to ask for more and then give themselves radical permission to receive it.

Jennifer Bloome

Discover your personal Abundance Identity

Your Abundance Identity is the filter through which you allow or block all the abundance flowing from the Divine. Learn more about the Abundance Identity in general and what you need to change about yours so that you can have the abundance you want in a free video presentation and experience.