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As part of my year-end wrap-up process, I was cleaning up some old files and came across an amazing client transformation story. This story speaks so strongly to how ‘more’ opens up in ways that we could never expect that I want to share it with each of you.

When I first started working with Jennifer, in February 2007, I was physically, emotionally, and spiritually shattered. The causes were numerous, but perhaps most significant was the devastation experienced by the end of a sixteen-year domestic partnership that I thought would last a lifetime. Following this breakup in 2005, I was a changed woman. Typically upbeat, easy-going, successful and optimistic, I was transformed into a wounded, bitter, depressed, and self-destructive person. And my destruction was imminent.

By mid-2006, I was more than double my ideal body weight, my blood pressure was sky high, I had chronic eczema that was only manageable with large daily doses of oral steroids, I hemorrhaged continuously from uterine fibroids and was severely anemic as a result, I was chronically absent from work and performed poorly, I couldn’t walk ten feet without losing my breath, I had to sleep sitting upright or I couldn’t breathe, and I had significant damage to two heart valves that may have been caused by a heart attack for which I never sought help. I was only 38 years old.

My first phone session with Jennifer marked the beginning of a new life for me. By the end of the call, after doing EFT for the first time, we cleared the intense pain that was linked to one specific and very powerful memory from the final year of my former relationship — and it was gone for good. Over the next six months, Jennifer and I worked through all sorts of issues: love, loss, and grief; betrayal; fear, guilt, and responsibility; rejection of the feminine; self-worth and self-confidence; self-expression and creativity; failure and success; paucity, wealth and abundance; and spirituality.

What came next was amazing. What started as something frightening ended in astonishment. In July 2007, I drove myself, barely conscious, to the Emergency Room. My hemoglobin was 5 (normal is 13-15) and needed to be at least 10 for me to have surgery, so for the next three days, I was massively transfused and tested.

My cardiologist, with a mixture of bewilderment and joy, declared that my valve damage had “reversed itself,” something that he could only term “a miracle” because he had never seen or heard of anything like that happening. Ever. My rheumatologist decided that I was at minimal risk of developing blood clots from surgery, which had been a major concern due to the prior presence of the antiphospholipid antibody in my system. My endocrinologist found normal levels of adrenaline in my body; after being completely off of steroids for six weeks, I had been diagnosed with severe adrenal insufficiency due to prolonged steroid use, a condition that would have placed me at very high risk of going into shock during surgery. And my blood pressure was normal and stable even though I had not taken any anti-hypertensives for several days. I was cleared for surgery, had a total abdominal hysterectomy a week later, and when I went bounding into my gynecologist’s office after two weeks to have the staples removed, she said that she had never seen a hysterectomy patient heal so quickly and so well.

Three weeks post-surgery I started to exercise daily. I began by walking less than one block of the boardwalk that runs along the ocean on the Jersey Shore; after three weeks I was up to two very brisk miles each day. When I returned to work I continued to exercise a few days per week and I lost a significant amount of weight. My blood pressure continues to be terrific. And life without eczema, anemia, and chronic hemorrhaging is absolutely fabulous. Jennifer taught me how to heal myself and that’s exactly what I did. And when the stress builds and I feel my blood pressure rising, I take a break, breathe, identify what I feel and why I feel it, tap away the stress, anxiety, fear, or whatever else I may be experiencing, and I continue with my day. Before bed each night I check in with myself to see if there are any issues that I need to work through; if so, I tackle them and if not I meditate briefly before my head hits the pillow.

Although the physical and emotional healing that has taken place as a result of working with Jennifer has been phenomenal, just as important is the spiritual awakening that I have experienced. As a result, all sorts of wonderful things are happening in my life. I am a photographer and my development as an artist is progressing at an unprecedented rate in an incredibly short time.

I own my own home three miles from the beach on the Jersey Shore, which thrills me beyond measure.

My professional life has turned around and not only am I successful in my present position but I just received a better job offer — my future employer is creating a new position specifically for me that involves work that I will truly enjoy.
I am well-loved by family and friends, and I know that one day soon I will meet the woman of my dreams.

With an open mind, heart, and spirit, and with Jennifer as your guide, I am confident that you also can experience the transformation that you desire in your life.


The true power of this story is the demonstration of how we are at the center of our ability to change every type of abundance there is: health, wealth, connection to something greater, joy, purpose, and life’s work.

What abundance are you ready to transform?

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