Meet Jennifer

I am Jennifer Bloome, Soul Abundance Guide, Energy Healer, and Master Soul Language Practitioner. I teach people a new language to communicate directly with their Soul, so they create a flow of Soul-Based Abundance that is in alignment with their gifts, talents, and true nature.

However, Soul hasn’t always played quite so prominent a role in my life and business.

Science was my first love.

Psychobiology. Occupational Therapy. Labor and Birth Education. Relaxation Response. Science-based mind-body tools to create health and fertility.

I loved having answers to life’s puzzles in the form of science.

But, I found that science wasn’t helpful in every area of my life. Particularly in the arena of money.

My method to create what I wanted was to push and do and strive. If something wasn’t working financially, either personally or professionally, I turned to Google to find a new strategy: internet marketing, savings strategies, affirmations, visualizations, and more.

I put each strategy into practice, but I still rode the money rollercoaster.

In the space of five years I went from being told by our financial advisor that if my husband and I simply stayed with the way we were saving and investing, we’d have more than enough money to do anything we wanted… to bankruptcy.

There were plenty of reasons I could point to — for that bankruptcy — my husband’s two extensive layoffs, completely draining our 401Ks before asking for help, surgeries, and medical testing without insurance — but those weren’t the real reason for the bankruptcy.

The real reason?

I was completely disconnected from a true understanding of money. At that time I was “using” money as a measure of my worth and enoughness. I was waiting for my bank account to proclaim me as worthy and enough. My scientific mind wanted evidence before deciding I was worthy to receive. Bankruptcy was an external indicator of how I felt inside.

Before this starts sounding like a down-on-my-luck Country Song, I need to say: Bankruptcy was the best thing that could have happened to me. Money is an extraordinary teacher.

After the bankruptcy, I completely surrendered. What else could I do?

From that place of surrender I began looking for new answers. What I found was the Divine and a connection to my own Soul.

I was introduced to Soul Language, a tool that helps you communicate directly with your Soul to understand at a core level who you are and why you’re here on the planet. In Soul Language terms I am: Pioneer. Huntress. Capitalist. I am here on this planet to help people create new pathways to their own knowing and physical expression of their inner abundance.

As I claimed this knowing — remembering — of who I am, my rollercoaster with money changed from a terror inducing ride filled with dramatic twists and turns to an enjoyable ride with varying speeds.

Soul Language was such a powerful tool in my personal life that I soon became a practitioner and brought it to my clients. As I evolved as a practitioner, I discovered not only do we have personal Soul Languages, but we also have languages that are here to support us in our relationship with money. From that discovery, Sacred Partnership with Money Languages was birthed.

I now bring Soul Language and Sacred Partnership with Money Languages to all my clients.

Adding this Soul work has created amazing transformations in the ability of my clients to access their deepest wisdom and to bring a flow of Soul Abundance into their lives and businesses.

If you’re curious to see this process in action, I invite you to sign up for my Free 2-Part Video series where I walk a colleague through the process and demonstrate how to apply it to daily life. (click here – links to the Free offer page)

Or, if you want to truly experience this for yourself, join me for a FREE “Money Language Translation Session,” where I will identify one of your Money Languages.

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