Meet Jennifer


I am Jennifer Bloome, Soul Abundance Guide, Energy Healer, and Master Soul Language Practitioner.

I guide people to reawaken and heal their Soul Money Relationship so that they can create lasting peace and abundance.

Here’s what I know for sure:

  1. Money takes so much more emotional band-width than it needs to in our day to day lives.
  2. Money is one of the best teachers of our own Divinity.
  3. When you add Soul to your money relationship, life (and your bank account) completely changes.
  4. Having animals in your life makes life worth living!

Soul (and money) haven’t always played quite so prominent a role in my life and business.

Zara, the most cat-esque of our menagerie.

Science was my first love. I loved having answers to life’s puzzles in the form of science and my background demonstrates.

  • Psychobiology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Labor and Birth Education
  • Health and Wellness Counselor
  • Relaxation Response
  • Science-based mind-body tools to create health and fertility

To my initial dismay, I found that science was not helpful in every area of my life. Particularly in the arena of money.

In five years, I went from being told by our financial advisor that if my husband and I simply stayed with the way we were saving and investing, we would have more than enough money to do anything we wanted… to bankruptcy.

There were plenty of reasons I could point to for that bankruptcy — my husband’s two extensive layoffs, completely draining our 401Ks before asking for help, surgeries, and medical testing without insurance — but those were not the real reason for the bankruptcy.

The real reason?

I was completely disconnected from a true understanding of money. At that time, I was “using” money as a measure of my worth and enoughness. My belief in myself was at an all time low and I trying to use money to fill that hole of not-enough.

I was waiting for my bank account to proclaim me as worthy and enough but my scientific mind wanted evidence before deciding I was worthy to receive. Talk about a no-win situation.

Bankruptcy was simply an external indicator of how I felt inside.

Bankruptcy was the best thing that could have happened to me.

Money is an extraordinary teacher.

After the bankruptcy, I completely surrendered. What else could I do?

From that place of surrender I began looking for new answers. What I found was the Divine and a connection to my own Soul.

My dopey, loveable, therapy-dog-in-training, Sadie.
Zoey Marie
Zoey Marie – why the middle name? ‘Cause she’s trouble.

I found Soul Language, a tool that brings tangibility to Soul. In Soul Language terms I am: Pioneer. Huntress. Capitalist. I am here on this planet to help people create new pathways to their own knowing and physical expression of their inner abundance.

As I claimed this knowing of who I am, I was able to fill the not-enough hole with a profound understanding of my personal Divinity and inherent worthiness.

I was able to stop using money to fill a hole and instead, stepped into the leadership role of my Soul Money Relationship. As my relationship deepened, my bank account changed along with it.

Soul Language was such a powerful tool in my personal life that I soon became a practitioner and brought it to my clients. As I evolved as a practitioner, I discovered not only do we have personal Soul Languages, but we also have languages that are here to support us in our relationship with money. From that discovery, Sacred Partnership with Money Languages was birthed.

Soul Language and Sacred Partnership with Money Languages provide the foundation to all the work I bring to the world.

Changing the world one bank account at a time

I am deeply grateful for the transformation that my money journey has inspired within me.

I also acknowledge that I have many layers of privilege that allowed me to take this journey. This journey has opened my eyes to the ways in which the “system” has been stacked against many people.

These are real, not imagined, systems.  They create real inequity and access to resources and have for hundreds of years.

When generations of people have repeatedly been told “NO,” have been assumed to be “less than and not worthy,” have been told they are powerless — they have an extremely hard time believing there is any other possibility.

The only way out is through Soul.

It takes honoring and acknowledging the system. It takes honoring and acknowledging the anger, frustration, rage, disempowerment, and more, that are present.

Next, remembering our true source of power is in our connection with the Divine. Remembering every single one of us has the birthright of abundance.

My boy, Hershey Kiss, aka Smersh.

We keep turning to the Truth, one by one, as individuals. When we are in alignment with that Truth, we start to receive inspired actions, willing helpers, and access to our resources.

Every time this happens as an individual, one small piece of the system is taken down. When there is enough momentum from enough individuals, the entire system is dismantled.

When the system is dismantled each and every person on this planet has the ability to live their unique gifts in the way they wish to express them.

This is why I do what I do.

What do I really want for you (and for me)?

I could care less if you are a 6, 7, or 8 figure business owner or account holder.

I care that you have figured out how to lead your Soul Money Relationship so that money supports you in the way you want to live. The way you want to express yourself.

If that is as a multi-millionaire – cool.

If that is a small business owner that serves their customers out of the back of a mobile van – cool.

If that is through investments that allow you to travel the world – cool.

As long as you are supported doing your thing, I’ve done my job.

If you’re ready to start down this soul and money path with me, the first step is to take the Soul Money Relationship Quiz. Begin here.

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