Allowing abundance unconditionally


The week after Thanksgiving, I had to say goodbye to my beautiful boy, Hershey Kiss (aka Smersh). While I knew we didn’t have a lot of time left together, the decision to let him go had to be made quickly. I’ve been alternating between deep grief and complete appreciation for this marvelous Soul who I got to play with for almost 16 years.

Smersh was my first foray into “more” for myself. I had always wanted a blue-eyed Ragdoll and at the time, the investment for a purebred kitty meant that I was choosing for ME to have more rather than saving that investment for someone else.

Looking back, I can see that it wasn’t simply about the money or adding “things” to my life.

Choosing him was a strong declaration for more – a declaration that ignited releasing rules and old expectations that dictated what I allowed to flow into my experience. That declaration opened a much larger field of unconditional abundance in every single form. “Unconditional” meaning that this field was charged with knowing I didn’t have to prove anything, I was already worthy, and it could be filled in thousands of fun and seemingly miraculous ways.

I’m continually upgrading that field for myself – allowing more and more to flow through my experience. The more the field opens, the more I have to give to myself, my clients, my family, and the world.

What are you ready to declare for yourself?

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