What a sumptuous life isn’t

A sumptuous life is not about the stuff. And it's not not about the stuff. Sumptuous is a feeling state. A Sumptuous Life is having every aspect of your life evoke that feeling state. Whether it is the way you make your money, or the couch you have in your...
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How to shift internally for external abundance

The Soul Abundance Circle is open for registration through February 27th. The goal of the Circle is to give you tools to make the internal shifts that, in turn, create a new flow of external, physical abundance. Here’s an example. Over the last 2 months, I have re-done most of...
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End the waiting

How often have you asked for something whether with words, or a vision board, or in a visualization or a prayer and then waited. And waited and waited. And waited some more. How long do you wait before you want to throw all the mindset, the manifestation, the creation practices,...
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Hard truths uncovering a personal transformation

As part of a commitment to my health that has been unfolding for over a year now (so no, it wasn't a new resolution), I found myself in the waiting room of a Medical Weight Management clinic. That's hard to admit out loud, people. But in the hard stuff, there's...
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What are you amplifying with your resolutions?

Happy 2023! Are you a resolution maker? A goal setter? More of a focused intention kind of person? However you create the structure that moves you forward, an important question to ask is: What am I amplifying with this (resolution, goal, intention)? We often set goals or intentions or resolutions...
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From Possibility to Actuality

This liminal space between the years is a potent time of magic and possibilities. And yet, how often do those possibilities become actualities? How often does what you dream about literally come into being in a way that you can interact with it in a physical way? Transitioning between possibility...
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