Joy, Focus, and Abundance

By the time you read this newsletter, I will have finished thoroughly enjoying my eldest daughter’s wedding. If you are keeping track, this is the second child of mine to get married this summer. What I learned from my son’s wedding over Memorial Day weekend is that I should schedule...
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Potent Creating

Let's bust the myth about having to be positive all the time in order to get what you want: Creating with the Universe is just math. That's all it is. You put out a vibration, the Universe rearranges itself to create it (and find the perfect Earth-based resources to bring...
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Personal Health and Money

I've been on a health journey, a body journey really, for years and years. My weight has been a problem. My health metrics have been a problem. My inability to exercise has been a problem. I have been on this quest to fix the problems so I could get back to, well, I'm...
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The upside of a clean money relationship

A clean money relationship has several basic tenets: You recognize that you are in relationship with money You know deep in your gut that you are the leader of your relationship with money Money is a neutral energy, neither good nor bad, with roots in the Divine You trust that...
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Got fear? Here’s what to do

I’ve had really loud fear messages recently. Once they start, it is super easy to ride the fear spiral down into panic or even thought paralysis. That groove in my brain's neural network is a well worn path. Being in fear focuses every atom of your body on swimming in...
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What a sumptuous life isn’t

A sumptuous life is not about the stuff. And it's not not about the stuff. Sumptuous is a feeling state. A Sumptuous Life is having every aspect of your life evoke that feeling state. Whether it is the way you make your money, or the couch you have in your...
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