It’s time for MORE!

We are about to dive headfirst into the holiday season which is filled with messages of appreciation, gratitude, and giving. Perhaps that makes this a weird time to start talking with you about MORE. Except this season tends to bring out all of our (not so hidden) feelings and beliefs...
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How do you get something to actually change?

How do we get something to actually change? To have more physical money in the bank account? To have more time in our day? To have more days of connection with our partner? The answer starts out hard to hear, but if you can really hear it, you will have...
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Habits that Block What You Want

Why don’t you get what you want? You’re a hard worker. You do all the manifestation steps ‘they’ tell you to do. So why don’t you get what you want? Each of us - because we are human and have lived much life here on this 3D planet - have...
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A story of Divine resourcing

The Divine has a million and one different ways to bring you what you are asking for - and they are getting lined up for you before you are even aware of your needs. Our job is to: Align with our personal drop of Divinity so that we can see...
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Joy, Focus, and Abundance

By the time you read this newsletter, I will have finished thoroughly enjoying my eldest daughter’s wedding. If you are keeping track, this is the second child of mine to get married this summer. What I learned from my son’s wedding over Memorial Day weekend is that I should schedule...
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Potent Creating

Let's bust the myth about having to be positive all the time in order to get what you want: Creating with the Universe is just math. That's all it is. You put out a vibration, the Universe rearranges itself to create it (and find the perfect Earth-based resources to bring...
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