Soul Abundance Presents: Clear, Clean, Current

A program designed to clean up your money story so that you can have more of what you want

Money reflects back to you what you put into the relationship.

The clearer, cleaner, and more current you are in your money story, the clearer the reflection, the fuller your bank account. This allows you to BE prosperous which results in clear receiving.

The muddier your money story, the muddier the reflection, the muddier your bank account.

What muddies the money relationship?

Here are a few examples:

Past Mistakes

  Family History

Squandered large amount of money like an inheritance


Extended family living through Depression



Parent “took” money earmarked for you

Bill Collection


Having to contribute at an early age

Unpaid Taxes


Parent money “mistake”

Poor Investments


Constant fear and or worry in your household

Doing business with the “wrong” person


“We can’t afford this”

Poor business decisions


Put in charge at a young age

Previous business failures (programs not filling, etc.)


Feast or famine with money

Overspending due to being disconnected / unconscious around money






Money is bad / evil / wrong


Constant worry, fear, anxiety

Wealthy people are bad


Hypervigilance of your current money structures

Good is always followed by bad


Inability to dream about what you want without fear

Money always has strings attached


Inability to expect something new with money

Need to be perfect to get what I want


Angry with God

If I focus on money, I’ll be out of integrity


Overwhelmed by taking care of money

The money will change me



Money habits are boring and I hate doing them


Can’t ask for what I want / too dangerous

I’m not good/reliable with money



I can’t get out of survival mode


Learned helplessness

Money (or the Divine) isn’t reliable


“Retail therapy”

Money doesn’t grow on trees




How many of those did you mentally check off? Are you understanding how muddy your money waters are?

To increase your flow, it is vital to clear up your muddy money waters:

When we have muddy money water, we tend to respond to daily money related matters from an old patterned way – even if intellectually we know differently. For example, if you have an unexpected bill, or a client that cancels, or a program that doesn’t fill, our old way of thinking rears its head and we immediately react by slipping into fear, worry or a running monologue about how we need to be different, what’s the missing piece I can’t see, when is it ever going to get better, etc.

When we are in this patterned thinking, we are impressing out onto the Divine form more of what we don’t want. The Divine form shifts based on that input and so we end up receiving more of what we don’t want. Not only that, but we have one more piece of negative evidence that muddies our waters even more.

What does a clear, clean, current view of money sound like?

I love my relationship with money.  I am a unique strand of the Divine who has access to the unlimited resources of the Universe. Each day, I open to my Divine connection and more deeply embody the knowing of my worth and open more fully to my prosperity. I am a prosperous Being, right now, at this very moment and I expect my money to flow.

When you hold a clear, clean, current view of money and something negative happens like an unexpected bill, you are able to respond in a brand new way. You are able to move through the initial feelings quickly and back into your knowing that you are a prosperous Being. Therefore, there must be a solution and you settle into curiosity about how it is going to resolve from a place of expectation. When you send curiosity and an expectation of a solution out to the Divine what happens? An amazing solution.

Imagine how different your flow of money would be if you could always respond with curiosity and an expectation of a solution.

That’s the power of a clear, clean, current view of money and why I have created the brand new program:

Clear, Clean, Current

This is a one on one program designed to clean up your money story so that you can have more of what you want. 

Here is what you will receive:

  • 30-minute initial interview with me during which you’ll share your money story, known beliefs, and response patterns that muddy your money water. I will also identify underlying beliefs that you may not have been able to see. Together we will identify which 1-2 beliefs we want to start clearing and healing. 
  • Three, one hour sessions during which we will use energy clearing techniques (EFT, chakra clearing, past life clearing) as needed to start to clear up the old beliefs
  • Energy healing to begin to embody new beliefs and a new pattern of responding instead of reacting
  • Written follow-ups from each appointment with steps you can continue to take to deepen the work
  • Email support in between sessions
  • At the end of the three sessions, I will provide you an audio recording with your new beliefs so that you can listen as needed

This program is set up to be focused and specific and to transform what other money programs do not: your core relationship with money. When you complete the program:

  • You will have completely switched several of your old beliefs 
  • You will be well on your way to clear, clean, and current in your money story
  • You will begin to see changes in how money is flowing

Program opens March 23rd! Once you sign up, you can choose a date for our initial interview and we will schedule our first healing session during that call.

Investment: $500

Pay in full

Paid in two payments of $250, 21 days apart