Create Your Big Leap Program

Attention: Business owners who are ready
to finally make the leap to the next stage of your business
while honoring your values and lifestyle needs.

Dear Heart Centered, Purpose Based Business Owner,

This is a rather direct question, but I am going to ask it anyway:

How long have you been trying to get to the next level of your business?

Stepping StonesAre you getting exactly the results you want in a timely fashion? Or, are you tired of inching along? Creating some results, but no true momentum?

Tired of having a “break though,” but then have business slowly slide back to previous levels, or even worse?

I ask these questions because not too long ago my answer to these would have been: “Yes, and for far too long.”

I literally spent years wanting more — reaching for the same goals, but making only a little bit of progress.

Consequently, I felt like a failure; perhaps I wasn’t really meant to do what I thought of as my life purpose.

At the same time, I felt there had to be an answer, but it was eluding me. I was trying everything that the “experts” were telling me: Internet Marketing, Website, Building a List, Sales.

The results were meager at best and I felt like I was completely spinning my wheels.

After much angst, I took some time to get a fresh look at what was going on and had a major ah-ha, which came in a rather interesting way.

How a Mouse (and a very wise woman) gave me the answer.

During this time of investigating, I was participating in a yearlong mastermind in a place that required a plane trip and hotel stay. It was time for a group meeting, so I flew out and checked into the hotel, un-packed and put my tired body into bed.

“Scratch, scratch,” came from the corner of the room where all my papers were sitting.

MouseTurning on the light, I discovered I had a friend in the room with me — a small mouse. Now, at home, I would have just brought my cat in the room and wouldn’t have worried about it. Without my effective mouser, I tried to catch him myself, but he ran under the bed. Determined not to be undone by this small creature, I turned the light back out and attempted to will myself to sleep.

“Scratch, scratch,” this time from directly behind my head.

Turning on the light yet again, I found the mouse climbing the brick wall behind the head of my bed and literally leaping from point to point along the wall.

That was it. I jumped out of bed and called maintenance. They decided not to try to capture the mouse, but to send me to a new room. Problem solved, I finally got some sleep.

At breakfast the next morning, I relayed the story to my fellow mastermind members, “I wasn’t worried about him until he started jumping and leaping,” I told them. One very wise woman in my mastermind took a long look at me and then asked a question that changed the trajectory of my business:

“Jennifer, what is it about taking leaps that has you so scared?”

Don’t you just love when one simple question can be just what you need? (Oh, and by the way, when I went back to my new room that evening, there was another critter that loves to leap sitting in the middle of my floor: a frog. I absolutely kid you not. DEFINITELY time to listen to the message that was coming through for me.)

Jumping Frog

As I pondered this message over the course of the next few weeks, it became abundantly clear to me I was in the same place in my business, not because of my lack of business knowledge, but because there was a part of me that was terrified to make that next leap.

Oh, I wanted a bigger business. In fact, I craved it; in my worst moments, I was desperate for it.

But, my actions didn’t really match this — even with all the business learning I was doing. When I got really honest, what I saw was myself:

  •  Slipping into perfectionism over launching new products.
  • Trying the same techniques over and over because they were “easy” and known, even though the results weren’t really following.
  • Spending hours at my desk, agonizing over what the next “best” choice would be.
  • Having days on end that I just didn’t have the energy to put into my business.
  • Having lists of what the “experts” told me to do… but somehow never really taking all the steps to follow their advice. I’d do it part way and stop before it could ever be successful.
  • Having multiple “outside of work” family or monetary crises that would draw me away from creating my business.

Circle of ArrowsThe result was that I was busy, but not getting anywhere.

Hmm, what a conflict. How could I say I wanted a bigger business and yet not be ready to take the action steps? I chose not to judge myself over this; it was actually freeing to see what was going on under the surface.

However, I could see it was really time to make the decision to step out, to take the leap, to create a bigger business. Now that I had “the answer,” I completely, fully, and powerfully made the decision it was time to leap; it was time to put my purpose and gifts out into the world in a much bigger way.

So here’s where the story goes into “happily ever after mode,” right?

I wish!

Consciously, I was ready and eager to take the leap. But, internally and energetically, I wasn’t ready to take that leap.

When I made that very powerful decision, I stirred the pot big time, energetically speaking, but I didn’t shift my internal energy. I only changed my mind. All of a sudden my life (looked like it) fell apart:

  • My husband was laid off from his job (after I made the decision to be in another high-level mastermind group).
  • Another competitor took my entire model for the current business I was running and clearly had a MUCH bigger marketing budget than I had.
  • My middle school aged daughter had all kinds of friend drama.
  • And on and on.

Why in the world am I sharing this with you? Shouldn’t this scare you away from making a big leap of your own? Stay with me because what I have to tell you is life and business changing.

Let’s talk about what is going on here because there are very predictable, scientific, universal principles at work that are, I’m guessing, affecting you too.

When you first make the decision to take a big leap in your business, life feels really amazing and energizing. Results start happening.

And then all the parts of you that are more comfortable in the old way of life (yes, even if the old way of life is full of lack) start screaming and trying to sabotage all the action you are taking towards the new exciting step.

Sabotage can look like procrastination, family emergencies, relationship trouble, illness, accidents, unexpected expenses, technology breakdowns, indecision, other people telling you your ideas don’t have merit, and many, many, more.

If you don’t know what to do to get these objecting parts in alignment with your vision, they win, and you end up staying stuck and not making any forward progress.

Boiling CauldronHere’s another analogy: Picture placing a great big cooking pot over a blazing open fire and then walking away.

At first, the fire warms the water. Then it begins to softly boil. Then it becomes a rolling boil. Without any attention from you, it boils over and the fire goes out.

Making the decision about what you want lights a fire in your energy system and starts the energy flowing. The Universe listens and begins to send you all kinds of experiences that match this new vibrational reality you’ve created.

The conscious part of you that asked for these changes is ecstatic.

The unconscious parts of you that hold onto your old stories and beliefs start to panic. They start softly bubbling and end up boiling. The vibrations of the unconscious parts also reach the Universe and the Universe listens and begins to send experiences to match these vibrations.

The water reaches a rolling boil, spills over the edge and puts out the fire.

If you pay more attention to the experiences sent from the old parts, their fear and worry continue to grow and eventually overwhelm and put out, so to speak, the vibration of the new energy and you stay stuck.

When I decided to make my leap, I dealt with this big leap only on the intellectual, business oriented level.

At the same time, I unknowingly sent a huge blast of intention and energy to the Universe. The Universe responded and I had some amazing results. But I couldn’t hold my alignment.

Fear crept in and the unconscious parts that I hadn’t dealt with started running the show. The pot completely boiled over; life appeared to fall apart on a grand scale.

This is where it starts to get juicy; the part that is life changing.

Instead of backing off because life got tricky, I became really curious and got in touch with the parts of me that weren’t in alignment with my desired big leap. I figured they must be really frightened in order to create such chaos.

Holding HandsAnd, I didn’t do this alone.

In addition to using my own intuition and healing abilities, I enlisted the help of some amazing mentors and healers. There just wasn’t anyway for me to see all of my “own stuff”; I needed an outsiders help and guidance. We’re blind to our own outdated beliefs because, well, they seem so real (otherwise, they wouldn’t be beliefs).

Here’s what I discovered: there were many parts of me very terrified about reaching the next level. I was terrified that:

  •  If I succeeded at growing my business, I’d ruin my marriage and I’d destroy my relationship with my children.
  • That I’d try as hard as I could, but I’d still fail and I’d look like a fool and get my heart broken as well.
  • That I wouldn’t be able to “fix” or “heal” everyone.
  • That I wasn’t “good enough” yet to really call myself an expert.
  • That I would be persecuted in this lifetime just as I had many previous lifetimes for being a healer.

Even though some of these feel really heavy, I was ecstatic. Instead of them running the show behind the scenes (showing up as procrastination, fatigue, perfectionism, and lots of drama), they were at the surface where I could address and heal them.

I did heal them and made substantial gains in my business. I discovered the power of continuing to energize the decision for a “big leap” and my momentum continues to this day.

Since that time, I’ve devoted my healing practice to working with business owners who sincerely want to make that big leap to the next stage of their business and yet they are painfully stuck.

Liz Schneider“At the point in my business where I was struggling to gain clarity on my vision and to have the energy to do so in the midst of a slew of challenges, I called upon Jennifer Bloome, The Fertile Business Midwife. At that moment, I was completely drained of creative energy, with a lack of ideas on how to shift my current business model into the one that really and truly aligned me with my desire to be a transformational catalyst, or an igniter, for my clients.

The shocker is that I couldn’t even do it for myself, I was too worn out. Jennifer worked with me on a variety of levels to reconnect me to my source energy, taught me how to tap into it and increase it. I learned how to increase my vibration to match where I want to be, but let it be said that I couldn’t do it completely by myself. The energy work that Jennifer was able to do, long-distance, was the initial kick-start. I was completely in awe over how she could SEE exactly where my inner energies were blocked. Every session I had brought me closer and closer to where I wanted to be, and every single session brought about changes that were quite apparent.

I can say that after several months of working closely with her, I am now in a place where the opportunities are flowing and my intuition is SO awake! I have taken the big leap into trusting and feeling and SEEING my life shifts . The shifts I have made by working with Jennifer have reconnected me with my truth, and from this authentically powerfully place, I am able to serve.”

Liz Schneider
Energy Photojournalist and Sensuality Coach

As I’ve worked with my clients, helping them step into their big dreams, I’ve created a specific program that puts the massive resources of the Universe to work FOR you, not AGAINST you to Create Your own Big Leap.

Announcing the “Create Your Big Leap” Program

Woman Leaping

In order to effortlessly and joyful step into the next level of your business, you must continue to hold the vibration of where you want to be – not where your business currently is and heal the parts that object.

This program is appropriate for you whether the leap you want to make is: creating a business based in your purpose, speaking, writing a book, enlarging your practice, getting your practice started in a new direction, reaching more people in a bigger way, create higher end programs, or up-level the amount of prosperity in your business.

If you are a heart-centered, purpose based business owner, this program will help you make your leap to the next level. This is especially for you if you want to make the big leap AND do it with integrity, joy, ease, and in alignment with your values.

When you participate in this program, you will:

  • Create extreme clarity about what type of big leap you are ready to make.
  • Build substantial forward momentum in your business.
  • Reduce the work and time that it takes to create a prosperous, purposeful, joyful business.
  • Create a business that matches your lifestyle values because you are energizing YOUR specific vision.
  • Have easy to use tools that get you past any fear.
  • Open to flow of prosperity.
  • Engage the limitless power of the Universe to work with you.
  • Have a trusted partner and healer to guide you through creating your big leap.

Mary Lou Schneider“Jennifer Bloome is a gifted an intuitive healer who was able to assist me when I was feeling stuck. Through her finely tuned listening skills and guided questioning, she brought me to a point of clarity around an issue that had me stumped. Then, by using her training in EFT she was able to assist my entire system to integrate the information. I found I was able to move forward with new energy and focus. I enthusiastically recommend her services.”

Mary Lou Schneider
The Counter-Cultural Contemplative

During this 3-month program we will:

1. Develop Your Vibrational Vision

Human Spirit

This is an essential and very powerful first step to call in the energy of your Big Leap. You will gain extreme clarity about what you want, and why, and learn how to communicate this directly to the Universe. Creating this Vibrational Vision will put your Big Leap into motion.

2. Stir the Pot

Orgami Birds

Using gentle energetic techniques, we will bring to the surface all those parts of you who object to your Vibrational Vision. MUCH better than having them stay hidden and undermining your success. We’ll uncover the very beliefs that are keeping you stuck right now.

3. Heal

Chakra Woman

Together we will heal the old parts of you who object and will heal you at all levels of your energy system so that you can stay in alignment with your Vibrational Vision. Now you’ll be able to watch those results pour in. I use a variety of energy tools that include: chakra clearing, past life healing, re-writing beliefs in your subconscious, and many more.

4. Forward Momentum


Each week of the month, you will continue forward movement towards your big leap — both energetically and by taking inspired actions. The gift of being in this program is that as soon as you feel the slightest bit stuck, we can work through it in that moment so you can get back to forward momentum as soon as possible.

Andrea Beaudoin“Jennifer is so heart-centered that I would (and do) trust her with any issue. And, I love the connection to Spirit that she has, helping to bring to light any issues that need to be expressed to bring me to a feeling of being connected, grounded, and at peace. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know what I really need to express. I know that if I call Jennifer, we will discover what it is. This means so much to me as a business owner because staying in balance and feeling good is the key to my business. Thank you, Jennifer!”

Andrea Beaudoin
Soul Purpose Guide
Energetic Alignments

“Jennifer Bloome is an amazing healer. She has great ability to assess the core issue to be cleared, so an individual can move forward in their life.

Recently I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer to help clear “my issue,” so I could move forward in my career. I am a healer that was terrified to move forward in the business portion, to make myself more visible. Afraid of the changes that would happen in my life if I became more visible.

Jennifer knew exactly what I needed and the emotions bubbled forward and were released. I continued to use the technique for a few more days until the same issues did not “feel” the same way, they no longer had a hold on me. Within four days, I stepped forward in a huge way that I never would have been able to prior to working with Jennifer.

I cannot speak highly enough on how wonderful Jennifer is as a person and healer. She has such compassion and kindness. You too will love her!”

Maggie Hickey Wildey, Spiritual Energy Healer

Program Specifics

This program is individual and (3) months in length. Here is what you receive throughout the program:

Month 1:

• (3), 60 minute one-on-one sessions either by phone or Skype. During these sessions, we create your Vibrational Vision and heal the immediate beliefs that rise to the surface.
• Specific follow up plans. You’ll know exactly how to continue this work in between sessions.
• MP3 files of Energetic Processes recorded specifically for you for daily practice and momentum building.
• Learn multiple energetic processes to help in the momentum.
• Direct, unlimited e-mail access to me.

Month 2 and 3:

• (4) additional 60 minute one-on-one sessions to be scheduled as needed to heal what comes up when we “Stir the Pot” and as you continue to move forward.
• (3), 15-minute check in calls for when you need that “quick” response to feeling stuck or need to brainstorm what new part might be rising to the surface to block your progress.
• Direct, unlimited e-mail access to me.

Lucy Cantu“Jennifer is truly a Godsend! She is a gifted healer with so much heart who made me feel at ease and very trusting immediately. Through her compassionate guidance, I learned and grew so much in the area of experiencing abundance and prosperity. As a matter of fact, evidence of manifestation came pretty early in our work together. I feel blessed to have worked with her — it has made all the difference for me.”

Many hugs and sincerest thanks,

Lucy V. Cantú
Motivational Trainer and Facilitator

Program Investment: $997 (or [3] monthly payments of $350)

As you consider whether this program is a good match for what you need, I’d like you to consider this:

Flip your calendar to three months from today. Where will your business be if you continue to do what you have already done?

Where could your business be if you have spent three months creating a Vibrational Vision, which acts as a magnet, drawing you forward and healing all the parts of yourself that threaten to take you out of alignment with what you are ready to create?

Ready to get started?

Woman with Open Arms and Sunset

Simply decide whether investing in full, or with our payment plan works best for you. Once you have signed up, you will be taken immediately to my online calendar and we can get your first session on the books.

Pay in Full: $997

Pay in three monthly installments: $350 today, two more payments automatically made every 30 days

You have tremendous gifts to offer to this world. I would sincerely love to be a partner with you, helping you set the stage so that you can bring your business to the next level and serving so many more people.

Prosperous Blessings,

Jennifer Bloome


PS: Again, imagine that it is three months from today. Imagine the joy, excitement, and satisfaction you will feel having Created Your Big Leap.