Expecting ,Yearning, or Earning?


What if you knew down to the core of your bones, the root of your Being, that abundance is the universal Truth and scarcity is simply the result of pattern, trauma, and generational wounds?

How would your external world shift and change?

Stop for a moment and bring to mind something that you want – could be more money, time, a new home, a new aspect of your career, or whatever is most present for you. Put your hands over your heart, close your eyes, and start to picture it.

Next, consider: How/when is this coming into my day-to-day life experience? How does your body feel as you picture this want?

Is there a feeling of yearning? Needing? Wishing? Hoping? Guardedness?

Is there a thought of “here’s what I am going to DO to get this”? Or, “How will I make this happen?”

Is there a feeling of grounded expectation? grounded knowing? a settled feeling of yes, this is happening?

When we want something, the vast majority of us go into yearning (needing, wanting, wishing, begging) or earning (what I need to DO to MAKE something happen) mode. And of course we do because that’s what we’ve been taught. Yearning and earning modes are pattern. They are the result of lived experience, trauma, generational knowledge.

When you are in a grounded expectation, a grounded knowing, you hold the same perspective of your Soul / Inner Being. You hold the Truth of abundance rather than the story and pattern of abundance that you have lived. When you are in the frequency of the Truth of abundance, what you want unfolds around you AND you feel more settled (perhaps even joyful) as you live in each moment knowing that all is well.

When you are in the grips of current moment pain, small t trauma, capital T trauma, or the experience of continued asking without receiving, the above paragraph sounds like at best, a bunch of new age hooey, and at worst, a condemnation of your ability to live in Truth.

This is why it is so important to bring Soul into the conversation about abundance and why Soul Languages are such an amazing tool for supporting more abundance in your daily life. Your Soul Languages give you a tangible way to hear/feel the Truth about abundance and flow. They hold the high vibration wisdom and your Soul’s preferred path of abundance.

Add a focused effort to release the old patterning, and now you are on your way into a new expectation of abundance.

Leave the yearning and earning modes behind and step into expectation. Schedule a time for a conversation with me and let’s put together an individually tailored program to bring your frequency into expectation: Schedule Here.