Freedom Never Enough Trap

Freedom from the Never Enough Trap

4 Weeks to a New Foundation for
Living Joyfully and Abundantly NOW

Are you living in the middle of the Never Enough Trap?

The Never Enough Trap tells you happiness is just over there, past your next finished project, just after you get that “one thing” that you’ve been wanting, once you reach a certain milestone in your business or your bank account.

But, over there never materializes.

Maybe you get over there and there’s peace for a moment, but the moment is fleeting because something new arises that you must create. Or a hurdle you must overcome.

Or, maybe over there doesn’t ever really come.  It’s just a daily battle against your particular “not enough” theme (not enough time, money, love), which keeps reminding you that no matter what, what you’re doing is not enough.

Sometimes though, it’s hard to tell if we are in the Never Enough Trap.  After all, we’re rewarded in this culture for hard work.  For effort.  For doing everything it takes to create our dreams.

But if you are…

  • Feeling burned out and stressed.
  • No closer to creating what you want than you were a year ago.
  • Creating what you want but you STILL don’t feel like it’s enough.
  • Afraid you’re never really going to get “there” and have what you deeply desire.
  • Exhausted from living in lack.
  • Longing for ease (but almost afraid to have it).
  • Constantly setting the bar higher and higher for yourself.
  • Afraid of what tomorrow’s going to bring (or next month, or next year, or retirement).

…chances are you are living the in the Never Enough Trap.

The problem with the Never Enough Trap is it is self-perpetuating and very sneaky; the more you DO to get past it, the more “not enough” you create. It “tells” us working harder and doing more is the key and yet both just perpetuate “not enough.”

The key to getting out of the trap is to remove the trap entirely by changing how you create that feeling of “enough.”  And to do that, I have created this 4-week course.

Freedom from the Never Enough Trap

4 Weeks to a New Foundation for
Living Joyfully and Abundantly NOW

In this 4-week experiential course, you will learn:

  • Why “Never Enough” is an energetic habit and how to change it.
  • Uncover and heal the roots of “Never Enough.”
  • How to replace your “Worthiness Bucket.”
  • Why thinking positively can backfire and create more pain.
  • How to re-write your story of Enough.
  • How to release Never Enough even when the conditions around you say otherwise.
  • How releasing the Never Enough Trap creates abundance.
  • Tools to keep momentum going after the class.
  • And much more!

Each class will contain a blend of information, experiential exercises, tools to deepen the work, and Q&A.

Class One (90 Min): Changing Your Story Part 1: Replacing Your Worthiness Bucket

In this class, you’ll learn how your “Worthiness Bucket” is the driver for the Never Enough Trap and what to put in place so you can release the trap.

Class Two (60 Min): Changing Your Story Part 2: Changing Momentum

Have you ever decided to “think positively” only to have things come crashing down?  This is a symptom of the Never Enough Trap.  Learn about the current momentum you have that supports Never Enough and start to change your momentum to Enough Now.

Class Three (60 Min): Creating Your New Story Part 1: Changing Focus

Never Enough is fed by a focus on the past and future; change your focus to the Now.

Class Four (60 Min): Creating Your New Story Part 2: Live Your New Story

Learn about the power of BEING over DOING. Understand and release why we may not want what we’re asking for. Fully step into your new story of Enough and start creating what you want.

Class begins Monday, September 24th at 7:00 PM Central (8:00 Eastern, 6:00 Mountain, 5:00 Pacific).
Each class will be recorded.

The remaining classes will be held 10/01/18, 10/08/18, and 10/15/18 at the same time.

Investment: $395

Ready to release the Never Enough Trap?

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