From Fear to Possibility:

The First Step in Transforming your Money Relationship


If you are fully honest with yourself, how do you typically feel when you’re thinking about money?

If you get a bill you don’t expect, or “lose” a client, or need to make a big home repair, what is the emotion that pops up routinely?

Yearning for something different?
Pleading with the Universe for more flow?

When any of these (or their close feeling cousins) are your dominant emotion (meaning the emotion you go to more than 51% of the time), you are going to have a hard time creating any type of change in your financial bottom line.


Life experiences that match your dominant emotions are routinely being reflected back to you from the Universe. In other words, when you are in fear of money, you are going to receive more experiences that bring fear and doubt.

Money’s baseline emotion is joy – not fear, doubt, worry, etc.

This is why you can take marketing class after marketing class, life purpose class after life purpose class, financial management system class after financial management system class and NEVER make any headway towards making more money. You’re not allowing the basic flow of money, so your business success suffers.

Or, if you do find a way to allow money to flow, then chances are you are going to continue to have more unexpected bills and expenses that drain the money out as fast as it comes.

What’s the answer? How do you make this better?

You might try to make things better with in-the-moment tools: Affirmations, Meditations, Visualizations, Vision Boards, etc. 

All fantastic tools for your money relationship toolbox.

But they only change this one moment.  And if you are still feeling fear or worry or anxiety on a regular basis, those tools aren’t creating a lasting change.

Or, you might try to make it better by going into “Action” mode, doing as much as possible in as short of time as possible to “make” as much money as you possibly can.

Even though action is another important tool for your money toolbox, when you act out of fear, you’re going to create more circumstances that bring negative financial circumstances.  It’s as if you are a farmer looking over your field of corn while yearning for bread.  But instead of planting wheat, you buy super chemicals to encourage your corn to grow faster. Still no bread.  You’re just tired and broke from buying all the chemicals and tools.

You need to make an internal change that allows you to shift into a new relationship with money.

This is why I have put together a brand new class:

From Fear to Possibility:
The First Step in Transforming Your Money Relationship

The answer lies in creating a brand new relationship with money from a completely new vantage point: one of knowing, abundance and expectation. And the first step to do this is shifting from focusing externally on your bank account, to an internal remembrance of your naturally abundant Self.

You must be able to move from fear to knowing the possibility of your abundant Soul so deeply that it over-rides the in the moment experiences long enough to be able to make tangible changes in your money flow.

This class will guide you into making that shift.

In this class you will:

  • Meet your Abundant Self
  • Release the old patterns of looking at money as only transactional
  • Release the old patterns of not enough
  • Receive tools to stay in the place of possibility
  • Start the transformation of your money relationship
  • You will also receive Tools for Challenging Times ($37 value)

Class will be Tuesday, August 13 at 7:00 Central (8 eastern, 6 mountain, 5 pacific) and will be recorded for those of you who cannot listen in live. Class will be approx 90 minutes.

Investment: $55