Inner Capital

The most important business step you can take is to fully accept and utilize your Inner Capital. When you fully engage your Inner Capital, you create from the fullness of ALL your resources.

But what is Inner Capital?

Let’s start by talking about Capital.

A dictionary definition of Capital will tell you it is the accumulation of wealth.

I take it a step farther and say Capital is the accumulation of resources we use to trade for other resources. Money is one form of capital: we trade money for things like food, shelter, entertainment, etc.

However, there are many other forms of Capital. For example, trust is a form of Capital. Integrity or your “reputation” is another form of capital. When I participated in a yearlong mastermind program, I said “yes” because of the inherent trust and reputation of the woman running the program.

Each of us carries our own intrinsic capital, our own intrinsic value. This Capital can’t be seen, but rather it’s felt, it’s known. I call this our Inner Capital ™

More about Inner Capital

Inner Capital is the sum accumulation of our wealth of gifts and talents which we came in with as a Soul. This accumulation contains gifts and talents, which are unique to us as an individual as well as gifts and talents that are ours simply because we are part of Source.

Our Inner Capital contains our Soul’s mission and purpose, personality characteristics that support the purpose, skills and talents, which also support the purpose, our Divine connection, our understanding of Universal Truths, our understanding of the energy of abundance, and more.

When we know and engage our Inner Capital, we are powerful beyond measure and that power comes from a place of integrity and authenticity.

When we know our Inner Capital, we dance with the Universe in a way that brings joy and prosperity.

Why and how we block our Inner Capital

If these gifts and talents are given to us at a Soul level, why don’t we know about them?

When we are born into our bodies, we have an inherent knowing of who we are, that we are of the Divine, and why we are here.

However, life experiences start to challenge our inner knowing. At some point, our day-to-day external reality begins to feel more real than our internal reality. We are taught that what we create in this world (money, relationships, accolades and awards, and more) is the measure of our value.

We start looking to the outside to measure our value and when the value doesn’t add up, we begin to internalize and vibrate from the feeling of not enough. All this does is bring more experiences of not enough and we lose even more contact with our Inner Capital.

We feel the yearning to connect with our own inner capital, to fulfill the mission we came with to the planet. We feel the yearning but up end continuing to seek to connect with it through accumulating on the outside.

When we have an external achievement, it fills us up for a moment, but it doesn’t last. Like trying to fill up a pool that has cracks at the bottom: fills for a little while, but it all just seeps out and you end up empty inside again, wondering why.

Many old beliefs, fears, misunderstanding about the Divine, disconnection from the Divine, misunderstandings about the energy of money, difficulty receiving and more can also separate you from engaging your Inner Capital.

The Key to Connecting to our Inner Capital

The key first step to connecting to your inner capital is to fully and completely love and accept yourself and your gifts. You don’t have to know the specifics of all your gifts. You simply have to love and accept yourself right now. Just as you are. This begins the reconnection with your Inner Capital.

As you step more into self-acceptance, more blocks to your Inner Capital will make themselves known and you can keep removing layers and more easily engage your Inner Capital.

Ready to recognize, accept and engage your Inner Capital? Schedule an Inner Capital Discovery Session with me to learn one of your Soul Languages, uncover your patterns of blocking your Inner Capital, and first steps to engaging your Inner Capital. We will also discuss ways that we can partner together to deepen your experience.