Mothered By Prosperity:
Re-Rooting Your Being in Enough

Is your success and bank account limited
by a “not enough” set point?

Are you experiencing:

Having difficulty receiving in ways you want?

Always hustling, busy, doing, pushing, striving, yearning?

Having to rely on yourself to make things happen — from a very young age?

Feeling like you are working harder than you should have to in order to bring in money?

You are always the hardest working person in a relationship (whether love or money relationship)?

You know how to work with the Universe, but for some reason, just can’t quite get it to “work” the way you want it to with money?

If you are, I’m not surprised.

Most of us were raised in ways that created not enough set-points.

How familiar are these “truths”?

Work really hard.

Don’t be greedy.

Value giving over receiving.

Value your grit and determination.

Money is a scare resource.

You must *earn* your money through hard work and sacrifice.

Money is limited.

Only the right people have money.

Wealthy people are selfish.

Wanting is bad.

The other shoe always has to drop.

And more…

All of these messages are literally etched in your brain and the cells throughout your body. They create the foundation and filter through which all money decisions are made.

Woven together, they create what I call a Not Enough Setpoint. Meaning: we have to *do* or *be* something in order to have the right to have it. On our own (without our striving, pushing, yearning), we are not enough. We are coming from a one-down position with money. In other words: not enough.

This is why the needle on your bank account isn’t moving.

This is why you are exhausted by all that you are doing to create money.

This is why even if you create a lot of money, it goes out as quickly as it comes in.

How can you have the success you want when you are expecting (consciously or unconsciously) that there won’t be enough for you?

You are drawing your inspiration through the filter of NOT ENOUGH. So, you are always going to create NOT ENOUGH.

But just because this is the way that it is has been, doesn’t mean it has to be the way it stays.

You can change your set point.

What if you could re-root
your very cells into a knowing of enough?

Imagine what could change if you had an Enough Setpoint?

The most effective way of changing your set point is to recalibrate your individual cells to a knowing of enough. Imagine how different life would be if etched in your brain and the cells throughout your body was the knowing:

Money is a Divine resource freely given.

All of you, down to the cells in your body, are in direct communication with the Divine (and therefore money).

The formless form of the Divine is simply waiting for you to impress upon it what you want.

You are worthy and deserving simply because you exist.

Your unique gifts were meant to be used by you, seen by others, and financially compensated.

You get to ask for, and receive, whatever amount you desire.

Money is a relationship.

Money is Love Consciousness.

The Divine is ready and willing to co-create with you; you can Trust the Divine.

So how do you do this? How do you truly recalibrate?

I have a way of creating this recalibration in an elegant and beautiful way, and have created a brand new, profoundly experiential course:

Mothered by Prosperity:
Re-rooting Your Being in Enough

Working with the Elements of Nature, the Soul of Money, and the Divine Mother Incubator, over the course of (8) weeks we will bathe your cells in a brand new knowing, so you create an Enough Setpoint.

Class One: Dissolve the old roots of knowing — clearly see the illusion of not enough — step into the Divine Mother Incubator.

Class Two: Meet the Soul of Money — feed your cells with the true Divine knowing of money, the availability of money, the Love Consciousness of money. Let your old knowing begin to be re-written.

Class Three: Start working with the Elements of Nature. Begin strengthening your knowing of enough with the Earth Realm. Draw the structure of money (and more) into the physical structure of your body. Your bones, tendons, and muscles will all hold a brand new pattern. You now have a strong container for your new set point.

Class Four: Move into the emotional realm of the realm of Water. Honor, acknowledge, and release all of the old emotions and wounds you accidentally created through the filter of Not Enough. Draw the playful, loving energy of water into your body. We are 60% water. Imagine what happens when this 60% of you holds the Consciousness of Love and Money.

Class Five: No matter what we think we know; our Minds can work to our advantage or disadvantage. Bringing in the powerful Air realm we will bring the *knowing* of Enough to all your thought forms. This will automatically calibrate your vibration to *Enough*.

Class Six: Knowing without Action will keep your bank account quiet. Work with the Fire realm to embody the understanding of Divinely Inspired Action. Add heat and energy to your creating power.

Class Seven: You are a unique strand of the Divine. Work directly with Source (God, Goddess, Nature) to BE your unique Self and create your co-creation model.

Class Eight: Your body will now hold a completely new set point of enough. In this final class you will birth your new relationship with Enough out into the world — come out of the incubator and into your new life of Enough.

Each class will be filled with personal guidance from your Soul team, Nature, interactive tools, and guided meditation. You will receive a recorded guided meditation after each class to continue the work in between classes and moving forward.

Class will be recorded in case you need to miss a week.

We start Tuesday, October 1st at 7:00 PM Central (8 eastern, 6 mountain, 5 pacific) and meet weekly through November 19th.

Allow yourself to be bathed in the nurturing, loving energy of the Divine Mother, the Elements, and the Soul of Money.

You have a direct connection with the Divine and Money. As you release the accidental set point of Not Enough, you will be able to work with the direct connection to create whatever your heart desires. And “work” takes on new meaning — you will learn to allow that connection to guide you and direct you in ways you can only imagine now.

Allow yourself to move into the Enough Setpoint and release the hold on your success and bank account.


$333 Paid in Full


3 Monthly Payments of $115