Mompreneur Meditations

Mom Entrepreneur Magic:
9 Meditations to Create the Energetic Foundation
for Your Successful Business While Maintaining
Your Focus on Your Family

Chakra WomanMarketing, sales, business plans. These are all important components to running your business. Yet, a component we forget to work on, our energy, is a component that makes everything we do infinitely more effective. Your energetic vibration plays a significant role in the success, joy, and overall prosperity of your business.

Your thoughts and beliefs — conscious and unconscious — create your vibration.

When I first started my business, I worked hard on the external structures: marketing, website, products. However, even though I was doing everything “right,” the business wasn’t expanding. When I learned about internal vibration and alignment, I discovered that I unconsciously sabotaged my success because part of me held the belief that if I focused on my business, my family would fall apart.

Not a conducive atmosphere to creating either business success or family happiness.

As I released this belief and others that were stopping my success, and consciously focused on creating new supportive beliefs and energetic structures, I was able to create a business that fed my need to give my gifts to the world and was structured in such a way that I still maintained my top value: family.

These 9 audio meditations are designed to guide you energetically into the perfect vibrational alignment with a fertile, prosperous, business, which includes plenty of time and energy for your family.

Here’s what is included:

3 Meditations to release the top negative beliefs that Mom Entrepreurs struggle against:

  • There IS Enough Time
  • Creating Work / Family Balance
  • Filling Your Own Cup

4 Meditations to create positive energetic balance through the Relaxation Response

2 Short and Sweet Meditations for when you need a quick vibrational shift, but you only have 5 minutes.

These meditations range from 5 ½ to 30 minutes long.

The more you focus on your energetic vibration, the faster your fertile, prosperous, purpose-centered business will unfold, all while allowing you the time and energy you want for your family.

Price: $57


Prosperous Blessings,

Jennifer Bloome

Jennifer Bloome

Fertile Business Midwife



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