Money Relationship Exercises


Transformational Exercises to Change Your Relationship with Money

Anytime you create more connection in one of the three aspects of your Relationship with Money, you will transform your Relationship with Money.

Start with the section that corresponds to the relationship area that had the lowest score on your quiz. Reading the section and completing the exercise will take you approximately 15 minutes. Give yourself the gift of time — turn everything off — as you practice the exercise. You may even want to complete the exercise multiple times to deepen your embodiment of the shift taking place.

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Jennifer Bloome

Relationship with Self

While each of the aspects that make up your relationship with the Soul of Money are important, your relationship with Self is particularly important because it is within this relationship that you make the decision (or not) that you can have what you want.

That it is safe (or not) to have what you want.

That you are worthy (or not) to have what you want.

When this relationship is conscious and healthy, you have a love and acceptance of your Self that is so strong you broadcast out to the Universe (God, Goddess, Nature, etc.): I have a right to receive what I want and I do that through joy and ease.

When this relationship is not healthy, when it is more disconnected, you end up accidentally pushing away what you want to receive. You end up energetically pushing away money.

There are many reasons why you might be resistant to receiving the money you want; we often put rules in place: I need to work hard, there needs to be some struggle, I have to be worthy of it…and on and on. These rules are usually outdated, and they certainly aren’t serving you.

In this exercise, we will connect and explore what some of your rules are so you can begin to release them and open up to receiving in a brand-new way.

Jennifer Bloome

Relationship with Divine

Among the many aspects of the Relationship with Divine are knowing you are a unique strand of the Divine, money is one physical representation of the Divine we can see in our day to day lives, and we get to consciously co-create with the Divine.

But before any of those can truly be embodied, the aspect that needs to come first is this: I trust the Divine has my back, hears me, responds to me, and supports me in all ways.

Without trust, everything else falls apart.

People talk about trust as a muscle for good reason. Just as muscle takes time to build, Trust doesn’t automatically happen. There needs to be some consistency before you can deepen your trust. The problem with building your trust muscle with the Divine is that often we are asking the Divine to help us from an unconscious, yearning state of Being. This creates a disconnection from the Divine.

Now, it isn’t that the Divine has a series of rules and won’t connect or talk to you unless you follow them (that’s middle school, people, not God). The Divine is ALWAYS answering. ALWAYS broadcasting. But you need to be able to hear to receive. When you are asking from a place of yearning, being needy or helpless and/or powerless, you are speaking to the Divine from a place of *disconnection* and therefore are not going to hear the Divine in all its wisdom.

The more you trust the Divine, the more you will be able to actively co-create with the Divine in a much more sustained, flowing, dependable way.

To start – or deepen – your trust muscle with the Divine, here’s an exercise.

Jennifer Bloome

Relationship with the Energy of Money

This aspect is all about how you think about, interact with, trust, want, allow in increasing amounts, have a structure for physical money.

Imagine for a moment that you decide to go to a friend’s house. You go up to the door and ring the doorbell and when they answer it, you cower and ask, “Are you going to just slam that door in my face?” After they have assured you that they really want you inside, you hem and haw. Finally, when you go in, you keep shift between asking — do you really want me here — and — I shouldn’t need or want you, why am I here?

While these are a bit extreme, do you think your friend would invite you over again?

You are in a relationship with money. We would never dream of treating a friend relationship the way we treat money. We make money “bad” and “wrong” and “evil.”

We worry money will turn us into greedy, power-hungry, ego-driven people whose only goal is to: Make. More. Money.

We make sweeping generalizations about the wealthy. We wonder if they “inherited it” or if they “earned it the correct way.”

On and on and one go our money stories.

When we think of money, we need to be clean and clear and current. In other words, we need to release the family patterns about money (current) and allow our feelings about money to be clean and clear (not muddied by worry about power/value/evil/bad, etc.).

The more clear, clean, and current we can become, the easier it will be to be in relationship – and the more money can reflect that back to us.

The easiest way to do this is to start at the level of emotion and *feeling*.

How do you feel when you think about money? The energy of money is naturally at the state of love and joy.

Jennifer Bloome

Final Thoughts

Work with each exercise several times to fully embody the shift the exercise is creating for you. You can also do the exercise in each section regardless of whether it was your lowest quiz score. Just like a romantic relationship, there is always room to up-level your relationship with money!

Once you have completed the exercises, if you are ready to further transform your Relationship with Money, set up a no-charge 15 minute conversation with me. I will identify one of your Soul Languages (if you haven’t already had one identified) and we’ll explore how I can support you in transforming your money relationship. Click here to set up your appointment.