Money Relationship Quiz

The money that comes into your bank account is a direct result of your individual and personal relationship with the Soul of Money.

How do you make changes and improve that relationship?

There are three main aspects that support your relationship with the Soul of Money:

  • Your relationship with Self.
  • Your relationship with the Divine (God, Universe, Nature, Goddess, etc.).
  • Your relationship with the Energy of Money.

As you improve each of these aspects (meaning you are more conscious and connected than unconscious and disconnected), your relationship with the Soul of Money will improve to the point of seeing changes in your bank account.

Which of these aspects needs the most shifting in your relationship with the Soul of Money?

Take the quiz to find out! Your quiz results will show which relationship most needs shifting and give you an exercise to get you started.

The quiz contains a variety of statements. For each statement, rank from 1 to 10 how true the statement is for you, where 1 is Not At All True, and 10 is YES! This is true for me in all ways.

Once you’ve answered all the statements, the Quiz will calculate your results and you will be asked to enter your name and email address. You will then be taken to the Results page (this may take a few seconds).  You will also receive your results via email.

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