More isn’t always better


Asking for more engages your powerful relationship with the Universe and abundance.

But more isn’t always what’s needed; sometimes more simply brings more noise, externally or internally. Let me give you an example.

Watching the Rose Bowl Parade has been a staple of my New Year’s Day routine for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I’d snuggle in blankets on the floor in front of the TV and imagine the amazing scent of all of those flowers.

This year I turned off the TV before the parade was half over. Why? They keep adding more and more to the parade that is outside of the core intention (which is creations of nature). There were so many musical acts and dancers (not to mention the terrible lip-synching or off-key performances) that it took me so far out of a joyful experience that even nostalgia wasn’t enough to keep me tuned in.

Are they trying to appeal to different demographics? Stay relevant? Up the rating? All I can say is that it was out of alignment for me – it was simply noise that interfered with my joy.

Asking and creating more without alignment and intention simply creates noise. “Noise” shows up as: stress, no enjoyment in the results, the same (undesired) results over and over, frustration, disappointment, no time, just getting needs met not wants, etc.

Part of the problem is, we think having MORE will stop the NOISE.

The NOISE stops when we allow alignment with MORE.

Alignment first. Receiving more of what we truly desire, next.

One of the ways that we get knocked out of alignment and intention is by having an unrelenting struggle with more.

Maybe that struggle plays out like this:

  • you can’t have more until everyone else around you has what they want
  • you’re being greedy or selfish to ask
  • you can’t have more until the people around you change
  • other people are limiting your ability to have more
  • you’re the kind of person who never gets what they want
  • someone will get angry (and/or leave) if you say what you really want

When you ask for more with the above (or your version of it), noise is the result, not the more you’re asking for.

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