New Decade Money Ritual

Time is a funny concept.

All we really have is this now moment, but when we wrap many now moments into bundles – like days, weeks, years, decades – we can start to see patterns.

Patterns like:

How we spend our time

How we work with money

How we create movement towards the goals we want

Personally, this current shift between the bundles called decades feels particularly important. My bankruptcy was in 2009 and completely off my credit report in the fall of this year, 2019.

To me, 2020 represents a sense of expansiveness, clarity, and possibility.

And I am aware that much of that possibility comes because I have been willing to look at what money has been reflecting to me; asking the deeper questions about what “bankrupted” my sense of worthiness.

I want to walk into the new decade with as much consciousness and intention as possible.

So I created a New Decade Money Ritual that I’m going to do on the eve of the New Year.

Would you like to join me?

In the ritual we will be:

  • Working directly with the Soul of Money (and if you know your money languages, that will be additive but NOT necessary)
  • Getting a clear understanding of your money pattern (and what was fueling it) of the last 10 years and RELEASING it
  • Opening to what money is reflecting to you personally
  • Hearing directly from money what new patterns you can bring into this new month, new year, and new decade
  • How to strengthen your money relationship in the new month, year, and decade
  • Amplifying your flow of receiving
  • And many more aspects that will come through at the time of the ritual

I have been hearing from many of my clients that one of my greatest gifts is holding space for answers to flow.

Come, join in, and let’s step into this new decade together with clear, clean, current money energy.

When: Tuesday, December 31st 4:00 PM Central (5:00 Eastern, 3 Mountain, 2 Pacific)

Where: Ritual will take place on Zoom – cameras on to say hello and then we’ll turn them all off during the ritual

Investment: Pay what you want – really.  I’d love as many of us as possible to start the new decade with consciousness and intention. Send your investment to me via Paypal (use email address ). Once I receive your investment, I’ll send you the sign in details.