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Make sure to white list our e-mail address (), so you can begin to receive your daily Money Plays. Your first virtual gift from the Universe will come tomorrow!

In addition to the daily Money Plays, you also have the following (3) Money Clearing Audios. Please download each file to your computer and read the instructions first before starting with the first Audio:


Play with Your Money: Money Clearing Audio One

Play with Your Money: Money Clearing Audio Two

Play with Your Money: Money Clearing Audio Three

We are going to have a fun time playing with money over the next 30 days. As you shift your vibration, money must respond. Watch for the evidence and make sure to celebrate any change. The more you notice the changing situations, the more you will amp up the changes.

I’d love to hear what’s happening for you! Let me know your experiences by e-mailing me at ().

Most importantly, have fun with this!

Prosperous Blessings,

Jennifer Bloome

Jennifer Bloome

Fertile Business Midwife



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