Play with Your Money

  • Are you tired of money being an effort?
  • Know that money is “just energy” but you continue to struggle to have a sustainable supply?
  • Have you done a lot of “work” to improve your beliefs surrounding money and abundance, but nothing has really changed?

Not having enough money is painful and hard.

And yet, those very feelings create opposition to money fully coming into your experience.

The energy of money is light and playful.
Money is simply intended as a resource to help us interact in a different way with different Souls on the planet; a resource to help us in our journeys and missions here in this physical plane.
But, somewhere along the line, we began to value the money itself as opposed to what we received.
We began to view money as limited resource, something we needed to worry about.

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We attached it to our self worth and money became something we had to EARN in order to receive.

In short: We made it so HARD. Heavy. Effortful.

What we focus on expands. Experiencing money as hard does not allow the Universe to bring sustainable money to you. No wonder so many of us have such a hard time with money!

Knowing that money is light and playful, and plentiful and changing your vibration to match this energy around money are two very different things.

I’m ready to help you with this. Announcing:

Each element of this experience is designed to help make the vibrational shift from “money is painful and hard” to “money is easy and joyful.”

Ready to play with me? Play with Your Money includes:

30 “Money Plays”

Everyday of this experience, you will receive a virtual gift from the Universe. As you play with this gift, your vibration will naturally shift into a light and playful state.

Remember, what you focus on expands and the Universe gives you experiences to match your dominant vibration. Playing with these virtual gifts automatically shifts your vibration. Easily.

These “Money Plays” will be in written and audio form to support you in whatever way you prefer to play.

3 Money Clearing Audios

Get the heaviness of money out of your energy system. These clearing audios work at the level of your subconscious to remove old beliefs about money and will help you shift into new, lighter beliefs.

These clearing audios will address a fear of the future, feeling weighed down by the physical evidence of not enough (bills, small bank accounts, etc.), fear, and worry, dropping the barrier to the flow of money, and more.

Optional: (2) 30-minute sessions with me ($150 value)

Let’s play together and release your specific beliefs about money. The more you release the old thoughts, memories, and experiences, the more your dominant vibration around money will be light and easy.

Ready to play with me? Let’s get started:

30-Day Experience: $35

30-Day Experience with (2) 30-Minute Sessions: $135

Prosperous Blessings,

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Jennifer Bloome
Fertile Business Midwife