Playing God in Your Business?


I love receiving clear guidance from the Divine. Even after all the time I have spent connecting with the Divine, the clarity with which the Divine will communicate with me still makes my head spin.

What I find interesting is how many different ways the Divine chooses to communicate the exact same message to me: Let Go. Let Me Help You.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t surrender easily. For better or worse, my mind works really well; I’m really good at puzzling things out. So, when the Divine tells me to Let Go… I hear, but I don’t necessarily listen.

This week’s message came from a Soul Language called Bridgewalker (and if you’ve been on this newsletter for a while, you may recognize the name). What this energy showed me was that the Divine’s job is to build the bridges; my job is to walk across them.

In other words, stop trying to build all the bridges.

Stop trying to find the right technique, the right message, the right “fill in the blank action.”

Take more quiet time. Be more intentional. Ask the questions. Recognize it isn’t that you are supposed to ask for “help,” but rather, use the fullness of who you are. Allow that fullness to build the bridges for you.

Don’t just hear.

Listen. Trust. Then act if it’s time to act.

This is where I keep stepping on God’s toes: trying to do it all myself. If I allowed the Divine to build the bridges more often, the flow would be so much different. The bridges are much more likely to lead to places I actually want to be… instead of building bridges quickly not really knowing where they are going to end up taking me.

Where are you stepping on God’s toes? What message does the Divine keep giving you in lots of different ways? How could your business be different if you allowed the fullness of the Divine to express through you?

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