Potent Creating


Let’s bust the myth about having to be positive all the time in order to get what you want:

Creating with the Universe is just math. That’s all it is.

You put out a vibration, the Universe rearranges itself to create it (and find the perfect Earth-based resources to bring that creation through to you), and you open to receive it.

That last part is the tricky part of the math equation. Being open to receiving what has been created in the ethers of the Universe is about holding the feeling state that you have what you want NOW.

That step is often interpreted as staying positive all the time. Ignoring harder emotions or situations.

Here’s what it is truly about:

This step is about being the most potent soil there is to create from.

This is about acknowledging that you are a potent magician of energetic resources, and your wand is much more effective when you are in a place of peace rather than when you are in a place of fear and worry and danger and needing things to change in order to feel good. Or to make other people feel good.

The work is to know what your mind does when you’re not in this being state. To know what your body does when you’re not in this being state. And then knowing what to do to create enough peace so that you can return to the place of knowing that everything is perfect as it is. That what you want is on its way.

That might mean taking a break from focusing on your potency to releasing whatever is standing in the way of knowing your potency. I don’t want you to ignore the harder feeling states – they have a lot to share. But there is a difference between acknowledging and moving through them and just being positive for positivities sake.

This is about claiming your powerful role as a piece of Divinity and as a creator. The output of that is feeling better, happier, more joyful, and yes, more positive. The claiming of your powerful role is what you want to focus on, not simply being positive.

From this space, you can increase the frequency of your own value.

From this space, you can amplify your connection with divinity

From this space, you can amplify your relationship with abundance

From this space, you are open to receive what the Universe has created for you.

My work in the world is to guide you to this space. Ready to do the work? Schedule a time on my calendar to talk about how to do the work with me.

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