Products and Services Offered

Fertile Business Reading

You deserve a fertile business.  A fertile business is heart centered, full of rich connections, makes your heart sing, in full alignment with your values, overflowing with abundance, and allows your Soul to blossom fully.

Does this describe your business or are you:

Feeling stuck in your business? Know that you have SO much more you want to give to the world, but it just isn’t happening?

Having trouble moving forward with your business?

Getting an earful from your Inner Critic? Finding yourself sabotaging your best intentions?

Have an inkling all this has to do with some unconscious beliefs, but you can’t see them or know how to get rid of them even if you did?

Schedule a 90-minute Fertile Business Reading.

During the first half of the reading I’ll use a variety of intuitive tools to uncover the issue standing in the way. Then, we’ll use the second half of our time together to heal the blocks at the subconscious level and build in the new beliefs that will get you moving forward again, creating your fertile business.

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Prosperity Alignment Sessions

What is the one story…that keeps showing up for you?

  • Not enough: time, money, happiness
  • Grand plans…but no results
  • “Things” don’t seem to work out for me
  • If I take care of myself, others will suffer
  • Afraid of succeeding
  • Afriad of failing
  • Afraid of being judged

You know the importance of your thoughts, the importance of your vibration.¬† You pay attention to what you’re thinking and feeling and shift when you notice that you’re thinking something you don’t want.

And yet, there’s this one area, this one particular ‘story’ in your head, one particular continued result that happens over and over again, no matter how hard you try. Perhaps it feels like it’s just bad luck.¬† Or perhaps it seems like it’s just something that you’ll always have to deal with.

That too, however, is just a story.¬† It’s not the Truth.

Imagine how your life could change if you could shift that ‘story’ to it’s opposite:

  • an abundance of time, money, and happiness
  • grand plans with great results
  • staying in the flow of forward movement
  • feeling the safety and joy of success
  • moving through ‘failure’ easily to find the direction you want
  • no longer being concerned about what others think

Imagine how life will shift when the ‘opposite’ story is your dominant vibration.

Imagine how life – and you – will transform.

Let me help you make this transformation.

Transforming an old story is hard on your own.  Your mind and your body hold onto the countless memories of the old story.  The story feels real.

In our work together, I will help you release the old story from your memories and from the cells of your body.  Now you are free to step into the new story and begin vibrating from here.

Once your vibration has changed, now the Universe (Source, God, Goddess) is free to bring you experiences that match this new story.

Get started today with a 3 or 6 session package.  Each session is 60 minutes via phone or Skype between the hours of 9 Р4 Central (some late afternoon / evening appointments are available).

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Allow yourself to play in the possiblity: What would change in your life if you could transform this old story?