Play with Your Money: A 30 Day Experience to Bring Lightness to Your Money Vibration

What if bringing more money into your experience could be joyful and easy?

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Magic of Prosperity: Meditations to Open Your Flow of Abundance

If you aren’t receiving the prosperity you want, your underlying beliefs are commanding money away from you instead of inviting it into your experience.  The Magic of Prosperity Meditations guide you to create beliefs to allow sustainable prosperity to flow to you.

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Mom Entrepreneur Magic: 9 Meditations to Create the Energetic Foundation for Your Successful Business While Maintaining Your Focus on Your Family

Marketing, sales, business plans. These are all important components to running your business. Yet, a component we forget to work on, our energy, is a component that makes everything we do infinitely more effective. Your energetic vibration plays a significant role in the success, joy, and overall prosperity of your business.  These 9 audio meditations are designed to guide you energetically into the perfect vibrational alignment with a fertile, prosperous, business, which includes plenty of time and energy for your family.

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Dissolve the Fear: A Five Step Prosperity Formula to Use When Money is Tight and Fear is Overwhelming

Nothing stops your ability to manifest like fear.  But, how do you handle the overwhelming fear that comes up when you don’t have the money you need?  This e-book gives you specific tools to put yourself back in the vibration of abundance regardless of what is happening in your current situation so that money can begin to flow.

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