Prosperity Alignment
Re-rooting your prosperity in the Divine – a free 4 call series

Why Prosperity Alignment?

  • You deserve to receive – you already know how to give, let’s get it in balance with receiving
  • Money is a necessary resource for both daily living AND to be able to get your work out into the world. Don’t let money be what stops your expression out into the world
  • Universal law is…law. We allow our human experiences to get in the way of allowing the laws to work with and for us and create a sustainable flow of money

In this time of national and international uncertainty, our struggle with money / abundance / prosperity is highlighted.  

We have a choice.  We can allow fear and worry and anxiety can start to take over – even when we know that that isn’t the path that is going to lead us to the money we want. Or we can use this time to re-structure our money foundation so that we can continue to expand both ourselves and our businesses.

I will admit that I have moments of fear.

But, I have a structure to come back to over and over that allows me to shore up any ‘holes’ that have exposed themselves and build an even stronger foundation for my money relationship.

That structure includes my Soul Language teams and because I am a SL Practitioner, I have access to the wisdom of all 107 languages as well.

I want you to have access to this structure too. And so I have created this free series: Prosperity Alignment.

Here’s what going to happen during these calls:

  • We will meet for 30-45 minutes each week
  • I will create a connection to a variety of Soul Languages in their role as Money Languages
  • You will receive wisdom from each of the Languages regarding your personal money relationship. That wisdom could come in the form of internal and external action steps, patterns that are ready to shift, beliefs that are no longer serving you, new levels of embodying the truth of money, and so much more than I could ever anticipate.
  • We will share as a group.
  • Depending on what is present in the group, we may do some additional energetic clearing or amplifying the embodiment of the wisdom that we receive.

Calls will be held on Wednesdays: April 8, 15, 22, 29.  There are two options to attend: 2:00 Central or 7:00 Central – you can even attend both if you’d like.

Investment: $0

This is my way of being of service during this time of upheaval.

To attend, please click here and sign up. You will receive a message with the Zoom link for each call.

Any questions, drop me an email at