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Ready to transform your money relationship so that money becomes a steady flow, an easy and effortless resource in your daily life?

An intentional community

Created to give you the structure to continue your prosperity momentum – to transform your money relationship so that money becomes a steady flow, an easy and effortless resource in your daily life.

Available only to Graduates of Prosperity Momentum

You planted many seeds for prosperity during the Prosperity Momentum program – how are you going to continue to nourish them and allow them to grow to maturity?

The Prosperity Expansion community is all about helping you continue and deepen your money relationship so that you can create the money and lifestyle that you desire.

What is the flow of money really about?

First and foremost it is about allowing your own personal connection and flow with the Divine.

Experiencing more money in your life starts by allowing your own personal container for the Divine to expand. This container expands with a stronger and stronger embodiment of self-love, self-acceptance.


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As this container grows, so too does your capacity to flow and hold more money.

Second, it is about making “friends” with money.  Releasing the old stories, experiences, and beliefs you have about money. Embodying a new understanding of money as a partner, a partner that is willing to be/do/give whatever you are asking.

When you befriend money, your container grows stronger, less permeable. 

As a result of expanding your personal container with the Divine and befriending money, more money comes, more money stays, and more money is able to go out into the world carrying the true energy of the Divine. Best of all, it flows in an easy manner.

The Prosperity Expansion Community is here to give you the structure to create this flow.

Here's what you will receive

Sacred Practice

As a part of this community, you will continue your Vibrate Abundance Sacred Practice as this practice is all about creating the belief structure to expand the edges of your container – holding Truths that haven’t quite made it to full embodiment within you. And within the community, you will learn how to uplevel and expand your practice.

Daily Momentum

Within our private Facebook group, I will share money wisdom from each of the 107 different soul languages, give you experiences/exercises to embody your own value (outside of money) which will expand your personal container with the Divine, guide you to shift your old stories of money, and more. All of this with the intention to guide you to continue to transform your relationship with money into a beautiful, loving, flowing relationship.

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We all have amazing intentions. But the reality is we are all busy. When we don’t create a regular structure, we lose focus. When we lose focus, we lose momentum. The daily structure of this group helps you to maintain focus on what you want to create.

Weekly Expansion Conversations

Each Friday at 11:30 Central (12:30 Eastern, 10:30 Mountain, 9:30 Pacific) we meet for 30 minutes to go in-depth in one area to create new awareness and opportunity for more expansion in the area of money and prosperity.

15 minute one-on-one call each container

Ready to upgrade your statements? Need to move through some resistance? Each container you have the opportunity to work with me.

Access to me via email 

Have a question? Need a couple of questions to get you started moving through a stumbling block? Reach out to me and I’ll help you through your stumbling block.

Special Expansion Community pricing on individual sessions

This is an ongoing community with new containers every 35 days. We follow the following structure: 30-day container followed by 2 days of reflection and 2 days of intention setting. You can stay for 1, 2, or as many containers as you’d like.

Ready to transform your money relationship so that money becomes a steady flow, an easy and effortless resource in your daily life?

Investment: $55 / container
You will be automatically billed each month; cancel whenever you’d like through your customer portal.

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Are you ready?

To transform your money relationship so that money becomes a stead flow, an easy and effortless resources in your daily life?

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