Uplevel your Relationship to the Energy of Money


Your quiz results showed that the aspect of your Soul Money Relationship that could use the most shifting is the Energy of Money.

Remember there are three main aspects that support your relationship with the Soul of Money:

  • Your relationship with Self
  • Your relationship with the Divine (God, Universe, Nature, Goddess, etc.)
  • Your relationship with the Energy of Money

As you improve each of these aspects (meaning you are more conscious and connected than unconscious and disconnected), your relationship with the Soul of Money will improve to the point of seeing changes in your bank account.

Let's get you started by shifting and improving your connection with the Energy of Money.

(If you find that you'd like more assistance afterward, check out my Soul Money Possibility Session by clicking here)

Forest Green
Jennifer Bloome

Relationship with the Energy of Money


This aspect is all about how you think about, interact with, trust, want, allow in increasing amounts, have a structure for physical money.

Imagine for a moment that you decide to go to a friend’s house.  You go up to the door and ring the doorbell and when they answer it, you cower and ask, “are you going to just slam that door in my face?” After they have assured you that they really want you inside, you hem and haw.  Finally, when you go in, you keep shift between asking – do you really want me here – and – I shouldn’t need or want you, why am I here?

While these are a bit extreme, do you think your friend would invite you over again?

You are in a relationship with money. We would never dream of treating a friend relationship the way we treat money. We make money “bad” and “wrong” and “evil.”

We worry that money will turn us into greedy, power-hungry, ego-driven people whose only goal is to: Make. More. Money.

We make sweeping generalizations about the wealthy.  We wonder if they “inherited it” or if they “earned it the correct way.”

On and on and on go our money stories.

When we think of money, we need to be clean and clear, and current.  In other words, we need to release the family patterns about money (current) and allow our feelings about money to be clean and clear (not muddied by worry about power/value/evil/bad, etc.).

The more clear, clean, and current we can become, the easier it will be to be in a relationship – and the more money can reflect that back to us.

I think the easiest way to do this is to start at the level of emotion and *feeling*.

How do you feel when you think about money? The energy of money is naturally at the state of love and joy. 

When you can bring your feeling state about money to love and joy, the old stories will either dissolve on their own or show up in your consciousness so that you can take care of healing them.

When you are in a natural feeling state of love and joy, you are going to find the energy of money naturally attracted to you and your experience.

Use this following exercise to start to shift your feeling state and your entire relationship with the energy of money.