Uplevel your Relationship to Self

Your quiz results showed that the aspect of your Soul Money Relationship that could use the most shifting is with Self.

Remember there are three main aspects that support your relationship with the Soul of Money:

  • Your relationship with Self
  • Your relationship with the Divine (God, Universe, Nature, Goddess, etc.)
  • Your relationship with the Energy of Money

As you improve each of these aspects (meaning you are more conscious and connected than unconscious and disconnected), your relationship with the Soul of Money will improve to the point of seeing changes in your bank account.

Let’s get you started by shifting and improving your connection with the Energy of Money.

(If you find that you’d like more assistance afterward, check out my Soul Money Possibility Session by clicking here)

Relationship with Self

While each of the aspects that make up your relationship with the Soul of Money is important, your relationship with Self is particularly important because it is within this relationship that you make the decision (or not) that you can have what you want.

That it is safe (or not) to have what you want.

That you are worthy (or not) to have what you want.

When this relationship is conscious and healthy, you have a love and acceptance of your Self that is so strong that you broadcast out to the Universe (God, Goddess, Nature, etc): I have a right to receive what I want and I do that through joy and ease.

When this relationship is not healthy, when it is more disconnected, you end up accidentally pushing away what you want to receive.  You end up energetically pushing away money.

There are many reasons why you might be resistant to receiving the money you want; we often put rules in place: I need to work hard, there needs to be some struggle, I have to be worthy of it…and on and on.  These rules are usually outdated and they certainly aren’t serving you. 

In this exercise, we will connect and explore what some of your rules are so that you can begin to release them and open up to receiving in a brand new way.