Join me in this 90-Day Sacred Container

Jennifer Bloome

What is truly possible for your life and the abundance you want?

There's a global shift happening with how we create what we want - our money, joy, relationships, health... everything is changing. Have you noticed?

We have reached a point that we understand that when we focus on the relationship we have to RECEIVING more than the actual experience or resource, like a dollar amount, or a vacation, or anything else we want to manifest, then everything changes.

Don't get me wrong, we can still want the things, but if we focus on the individual thing rather than the broader relationship we have with our ability to RECEIVE, then we limit what's possible and we work a lot harder than we have to.

What if you knew you were swimming in a sea of abundance? A sea of divine possibility and your connection to that divinity didn't come from working hard, being good enough, or having the right vibration all of the time to have what you desire?

It's time to be done with the struggle don't you think? And the pushing. And the beating up of our very Soul for not having what we want.

It's also time to be done with the endless mind games about how to create. Let's be done with measuring success or safety by the number in our bank account.

Think about something you really want. What if instead of creating that very specific thing, you expanded your entire relationship to RECEIVING so you could have so much more show up and it didn't have to be so hard?

What could open up and shift for you if you knew that you were in constant co-creation with Divinity and you could allow the peace and flow of abundance that comes from this relationship?

Here's what I know for myself:

I now choose to act from the knowing that I am in constant co-creation with Divinity and my job is to receive. I claim the peace and the abundance that comes from this choice.

I invite you to join me on this same journey to choose receving through the sacred container of the 90-Day RECEIVE program

When you tap into your ability to receive instead of focusing solely on making something specific happen, how you experience your day-to-day life completely changes.

Here's why:

Energetically speaking, we are not makers of the resources or the experiences we desire. We are receivers of those resources and experiences.

And yet, we have been taught that what we want flow only in amounts equal to:

  • the effort we put in (nose to the grindstone, please)
  • the amount of force we've applied (no pain, no gain)
  • how "good" we are (whatever that means!)
  • our service of others
  • our sacrifice

In others words, we MAKE experiences happen through our focused, hard, proving, sacrificing-everything-that's-dear-to-us, efforts.

You can choose this method.

Or you can choose to Receive.

Let me show you the difference in what you will experience daily when you shift out of "making" something happen and into vibrant receiving:

MAKING any experience or
resource (including money) Happen

Sisyphean labor is a senseless and merciless act. A symbol of futility. This image was originally drawn with a single non-tear-off line.
  • Controlling
  • Hard
  • Proving
  • Effort-filled and Exhausting
  • Practical
  • Monkey mind always whirring
  • Believing that I, alone, am the source of my experiences and resources
  • Constantly asking: is this enough? Will I have enough?


Group of open doors with blue sky and sun
  • Trusting
  • Open
  • Nourishing
  • Flowing
  • Grounded magic
  • Letting Go
  • Knowing that resoures are sourced through Divinity and can come through any resource to me
  • Enough is right now
  • Lasting peace and overflowing abundance
Jennifer Bloome

Join me in the 90 Day Container of RECEIVE

Shed old beliefs, gain new receiving skills as you

Embody Your Sacred Path to Receiving

In RECEIVE, here are the skills that you will learn that will guide you towards vibrant receiving: 

  • Allow yourself to Surrender and Let Go (especially for those of you who hate the words!)
  • Discover the dance of BEING while DOING - receiving isn't just sitting around for something to happen. Receiving is about engagement with right timing.
  • Become aware of how you are blocking resources through your Receiving Contract
  • Rewrite your Receiving Contract to fully support you and what you want
  • Learn how to Trust that you have access to all the resources you want and need
  • Engage grounded, Universal magic. Use the laws for your benefit instead of against it.
  • Expand what's truly possible for you to be and have
  • Receive with more ease and consistency
  • Steep yourself in deep acceptance of who you are so that you unblock what the Universe wants to share with you (based on your requests)

Here's how we will work together and what you'll receive in this container:

  1. Deepen your understanding of yourself as a Soul. I will identify your three core Soul Languages and guide you into a conversation with your Soul. If you already have these languages identified, we will take a deeper dive.

  2. Know how your Soul understands and creates a connection with the Divine. I will identify your three partnership with the Divine Languages. If you already have these languages identified, we will take a deeper dive.

  3. Identify and Release the aspects of your Receiving Contract that keep you trapped in how you currently "do" money, that keep you trapped in believing you have to MAKE money.

  4. Fill your Receiving Contract with rules that will engage you in RECEIVING.

  5. Engage both your Receiving Muscle and Container in a way that amplifies what you are able to receive.

Specifically, here is how we will work together:

  • Two 90-minute, private sessions to work with both your personal Soul Languages and your Divine Languages. This will form a new understanding of yourself as a Soul, why/how that Soul has access to the unlimited resources of the Divine, and to use this information to understanding receiving in a new way. You will also learn how to use these languages to have a tangible way of connecting with the Divine.
  • Six 60-minute, private sessions to re-write your Receiving Contract. Over the course of the container, we will work one on one to uncover, heal, and release the old rules you have put in place that govern how you receive. We will also identify the way you and your Soul prefer to receive and place that in your new, updated contract so that you can receive without having to work so hard.

  • 3 receiving meditations for you to use between sessions to continue to embody the re-wiring that we are doing at a mind-body-Soul level in regards to receiving. 1 of these meditations will be custom-created just for you.

What could change in your life
when you expand your receiving?

Let's find out together.


$500/mo for 3 months or $1500 paid in full

Want to know more about the program or if it's a good fit for you? Let's chat.


What is Soul Language?

Soul Language is a paradigm that provides tangibility to Soul. This paradigm has identified 107 different languages of the Divine. We each have 3 languages as a part of our personal Soul that help us understand our primary mission on the planet, the kinds of skills and tools we brought with us to support that mission, and our soulful personality.

Having your Soul Languages identified gives you a tool you can work with on a daily basis. Through understanding your three Languages, you have a tangible internal tool to move from unconscious or pattern to consciousness. When we are conscious, we operate and create from the knowing that we are whole and complete and that results in a life that is full of ease and grace.

When we are more aware of who we are at a Soul level, there is a deeper level of self-love and self-acceptance. These are essential keys to receiving more fully.

What are Divine Languages?

In addition to our Personal Soul Languages, we also have languages that support bringing consciousness to our relationships, including our relationship with the Divine. These Divine Languages help us understand how our particular drop of the Divine views/understands/sees Divinity (and you can use whatever word works best for you. Divine / Nature / Universe / God / Goddess). This understanding makes something as intangible as your relationship with that-which-is-bigger-than-us, tangible.

The more consciousness we bring to our Divine Relationship, the more we can step into a leadership role and create the flow of receiving we desire.

Both your personal languages and your divine languages are living, breathing parts of Divinity and you can learn to communicate with them and receive insight and answers from them.

What is a Receiving Contract?

A Receiving Contract is the end result of years of accumulated (often unconscious) beliefs about who you have to be and what you have to do in order to have the resources that you want.

Because of our neuro-biology (how we are wired), what’s super frustrating is that when we try to be or do something different than the rules, our brains go into hyperdrive, warning us that we aren’t safe. 

So even if you no longer resonate with an old belief that you must work hard to PROVE your worth, if that rule is still hard-wired into your Receiving Contract, any time you try something different, you will find yourself self-sabotaging to meet the old-wired rules.

The good news is that you can change the rules and re-write this contract to more fully support vibrant receiving.


Who am I and why take this journey with me?


Hello! I am Jennifer Bloome - a Soul Abundance Guide, Energy Healer, Master Soul Language Practitioner, and Podcaster. I have been working with people for over 20 years to create more of what they want, from babies to relationships to money.

In the area of money, I guide people to reawaken and heal their Soul Money Relationship so they can create lasting peace and abundance.

I have created a wide variety of tools to help make communicating with the soul more tangible including guided meditations and meridian tapping programs. Building from the paradigm of Soul Language, I have created Sacred Partnership with Money Languages, a tool that helps you form and lead your personal and specific relationship with money. Once you are in the lead of your money relationship, you can create tangible changes in your bank account with more joy and ease. I also train and certifies other individuals in the paradigm of Soul Language and Money.

My podcast, Soul-Wisdom Abundance: Creating Wealth Through Spiritual Health can be found any place you enjoy listening to your favorite podcasts.

You can learn even more about me here (including pics of all 3 of my cats and my big 'ol Newfoundland, Sadie.)

Here’s what I know for sure:

  1. Money takes so much more emotional band-width than it needs to in our day-to-day lives.
  2. Money is one of the best teachers of our own Divinity.
  3. When you add Soul to your money relationship, life (and your bank account) completely changes.

Listen, this journey to Vibrant Receiving is not a one-and-done manifestation technique - but I am guessing you are here because those kinds of things haven't worked out for you.

Manifestation is absolutely a part of the work, but it needs to come from a completely different framework. We are trying to cram soul and Divinity based tools into our current world that tends to live without consciousness.

This journey to Vibrant Receiving is one that is done within the framework of Divinity and with the Truth of Soul - that you are one piece of the Divine and are therefore due the access to all the unlimited resources of the Divine.

I am not here to tell you what resources you should have or in what amount. I am simply here to remind you of who you really are and that you can have what you want without struggle and sacrifice.

If this resonates with you, please journey with me!