Sacred MoneyFlow

Your unique heart and soul centered foundation
for creating financial wealth

hands-receiving-moneyWe often ask the question: What can I do to make more money?

An even better question to ask, so you can receive better results is: How can I be more in the flow of my own Being, so I can receive more abundance and money? Here’s why.

Money is energy. Money is of the Divine.

You are energy. You are a unique expression of the Divine with unlimited access to all the resources of the Divine, including money. Your unique soul expression has specific ways it prefers to interact and be with money.

When you act or make decisions that are contradictory to your unique soul expression, you end up creating resistance in your connection with the Divine and with money.  In other words, money is harder to come by.

The more you BE your unique expression of the Divine, the more you are an open conduit to receive in all ways, including money.

When you are BEING your unique expression, you are in full connection with the Divine and:

  • You become a clear beacon for those who are best suited for the services you offer
  • You receive clarity about action steps to take so that your action is more productive and gets better results
  • New vortexes of money open up that match your values and lifestyle
  • You start creating and receiving on-purpose instead of by default or through old pain points or patterns.

The more you understand how your unique expression prefers to BE with money, the more you can make choices in your life that allow money to flow easily and with joy.

Ready to know your unique Divine expression and how that expression prefers to be with money?

Sacred MoneyFlow Identification

money-heart-shape-gradientThree 60 minute sessions designed to help you understand your unique soul expression and how that soul expression prefers to be with money. After these sessions, you will have the foundation for your Sacred MoneyFlow.

Session #1: Identify the way your energy individualizes using the platform of Soul Language.

During this session you will learn your sacred mission, the tools your soul came with to express that mission, and your soulful personality as well as the pitfalls / strengths with money of each language. (If you have already had your languages identified, we will go deeper into each language).

You will learn how to communicate with each part of your Soul and hear directly how you can come more into alignment with your unique soul expression.  This allows you to restart your flow of abundance.

Session #2: Learn how your Soul prefers to interact with money as well as learn your sacred partnership languages with money. These languages will help you understand how money prefers to interact through you on this physical plane.

Learn a daily practice to powerfully engage these relationship languages to speed up your flow of abundance.

Session #3: Begin to release the thoughts, beliefs, and experiences, which keep you from standing fully in your unique Divine expression. We will start the integration process and you will walk away with specific tools and steps to activate your Sacred MoneyFlow to create financial wealth.

All sessions are done via phone or Skype.


Paid in Full: $497

Two Payments: 2 payments of $250, 21 days apart

Sacred MoneyFlow Deep Integration

Money responds to focus and intention. In this three-month, one-on-one program, we will build on the initial foundation we created in the Sacred MoneyFlow Identification. We will meet (3) times a month for 60 minute sessions via phone or Skype. During these sessions, we will:

  • Identify and heal your old money story.
  • Deepen your relationship with each of your Soul Languages and Sacred Partnership with Money Languages.
  • Amplify your ability to receive what you want.
  • Set a sacred practice with money.
  • Focus on your specific needs and wants.

This program is intended for those who have completed the initial Sacred MoneyFlow Identification or have already had their individual and partnership languages identified.


Paid in Full: $1,297

3 monthly payments of: $447

Prosperous Blessings,

Jennifer Bloome

Jennifer Bloome

Fertile Business Midwife



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