Season of Love Giveaway

Welcome, a Season of Love Participants!

I am absolutely delighted to present you with these two resources. To me, prosperity is about having a wealth of time, love, relationships, resources, beauty, and yes, money. Both of these resources will help you to step into and create more prosperity in every area of your life.

Gift #1: Audio recording of “The Five Beliefs Every Conscious Entrepreneur Must Embrace to Attract Prosperity”

You are a creative, deserving being whose soul is longing to express the purpose she came here to live. When you are in consistent vibrational alignment with this deeply connected part of yourself, the business you create is satisfying, prosperous, and fertile in all ways. This audio recording helps you step into the beliefs that create vibrational alignment.

Gift #2: Prosperity Alignment Meditation


Tap into your heart center in this 15-minute no-charge meditation to discover the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that are stuck within your mind~body~spirit and keeping you out of alignment with the flow of your prosperity.

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I look forward to hearing what comes up for you after you’ve had a chance to experience both of these offerings.

Many blessings,

Jennifer Bloome