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Are you tired of the entire “not enough” in your life and business? Not enough clients. Not enough money. Not enough time. Not enough health. Not enough community. Not enough support?

Are you tired of questioning the value of your gifts and talents as you launch one more program or try one more marketing technique that doesn’t attract the business you want?

Do you know intuitively that something internally is “off” or out of alignment, and that is why you are struggling…but you haven’t been able to identify what it is?

Connect with your Inner Capital™
so you may experience:

  • A flow of sustainable prosperity.
  • A tribe of people who love the expression of your gifts and talents.
  • A business that operates in line with your values and wants.
  • A knowing that you are enough. Right now. And you deserve the life and business you desire.

Ready to Connect with your Inner Capital?

I have several ways we can get started together:

Inner Capital Discovery Session

Probably the best way to start: let’s have a conversation. During this 30-minute call, we’ll get started identifying how you’ve covered up your Inner Capital and how to reconnect with it so you can begin to create more prosperity in your life and business. During the call, I’ll identify one of your Soul Languages, so you can begin the process of engaging your Inner Capital more fully.

This conversation is on me, no charge. Set up a session here:

Soul Language Identification Session

Ready to know your gifts and talents in a deeper way? Ready to have your Soul share your Inner Capital directly with you? Ready to learn how to connect with your Soul on a regular basis?

A Soul Language Identification provides you information about your sacred mission, your soulful personality, and the resources your Soul came with to help you complete your mission. This gives you a very important component of your Inner Capital.

Soul Language Identification is a tangible tool to help with the intangible. It gives you a way to provide language around and about your sacred mission and purpose here. This identification brings awareness of your Inner Capital. It also allows you to co-create with your Soul to embrace, explore, discover, and accept your sacred purpose in a more profound way.

Understanding your Soul Languages, and how you utilize them, is a life-long journey. This process gives structure to profound individuality. Soul Language allows me to assist you with remembering your purpose and living from this place of deep understanding; allows me to show you how to connect even more deeply with your Inner Capital.

For more information, click here.

Connect with Your Inner Capital Coaching Program

Knowing your Inner Capital and fully engaging with it are two different experiences.

Often, our human day-to-day experiences (both past and present) feel more real to us than our Inner Capital. Our in-the-face realities of not enough (time, money, clients) seem to challenge the knowing that we are indeed enough and that we came with a specific purpose as a Soul.

Old beliefs, misunderstandings about the Divine, a distrust of the Divine, unbalanced giving and receiving, fear, bad money experiences, and more, block our ability to full engage our Inner Capital.

When we aren’t fully engaging with our Inner Capital, we aren’t acting from the full resources of Soul, which we brought with us and intended to use. We try to do it all with action, with doing. We end up with struggle and many examples of “not enough.”

In this 3-month program of one-on-one sessions, I hold the space for you to release what blocks you from fully engaging your Inner Capital.

I hold the space of who you are at a Soul level, so you can come into full self-acceptance and love of who you are; so you may fully accept and engage your Inner Capital.

Together we build the new beliefs and structures that allow you to identify what you want and then create it.

Ready to Connect with your Inner Capital? Let’s talk. Please click on the button below to schedule a time for a conversation with me and we’ll take it from there.