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The Soul Abundance Circle is currently PAUSED


You're invited to the Soul Abundance Circle - 
the community that guides you to shift from
 wanting something to actually having it
(no matter how long you have wanted it)


Are you in the gap?

What I am increasingly aware of - both personally and for my clients - is there is a gap between learning something and living it. 

A gap between knowing something and becoming it. A gap between asking for something and getting it. 

For example, there is a huge difference between:


  • Knowing the Universe is an abundant place AND living an abundant, flourishing life (however you define that).
  • Knowing the Divine has your back AND feeling safe enough to allow yourself to be seen and heard as you truly are.
  • Knowing that money ebbs and flows in a Universal cycle AND paying bills with ease, knowing that the declining balance will just be replenished over and over again.
Gap with Arch Frame Larger

Most of my clients come to me with a lot of the knowing, but do not have the embodied and consistent experience of it in their lives. Of course, this creates frustration because we KNOW that we can have what we want, but the experience of it hasn’t happened (yet).


Why do we get caught in the gap?

Your body is actually built to STOP you from changing how you live.

This is why it can feel safer to keep learning new things and to keep having ah-has, than it is to take the steps to create a new way of being so that you are actually living what you are learning. 

When you attempt to create a new habit, you are working against your body’s biology to turn that ah-ha into physical changes in your daily life. 


You are both human and Divine

So much of what we learn about is metaphysical in nature. In order to cross through the gap, you have to learn how to balance your humanity with your Divinity.

How do we actually work with the part of us that has access to all the Divine resources?

How do we actually co-create with Divinity in a way that is consistent and productive?

What does it actually take to move through the gap so that you can have what you want?


It comes down to two things:

  1. Feel safe while living the new concept
  2. Integrate and embody the new concept into your identity, specifically your Abundance Identity. When we want something more, it usually falls under the umbrella of abundance: time, freedom, money, love, relationship, health, or beauty.

For example: 

Gap with Bridge Medium

If you want more abundance so that you can live a flourishing life while doing your purpose, all parts of you must feel safe practicing your purpose in “real life”. This creates a bridge for the gap.

You must know, deep down in your cells, that you are a person who lives a flourishing life (and that knowing must come before you have evidence of it). 

In other words, you would be able to say to yourself and others: I’m the kind of person who lives an abundant life in every way and I’m living my purpose. Not only would you believe that this is totally possible, but your body would also feel settled and grounded as you say it.

In order to feel safe and change your Abundance Identity so that you can finally get what you want,
you must practice the concepts in a safe environment,
until they become second nature,
and until you have literally incorporated them into who you are.

Jennifer Bloome

The Soul Abundance Circle is a community designed to be that safe space, to practice what you know so that you can finally get what you want.

Jennifer Bloome

What do you get as a member of
the Soul Abundance Circle?


Close the Gap Monthly Call

We meet as a group with the intention to close the gap and begin to more deeply embody concepts that will guide you to what you want.

Because you already have enough knowledge, we do this by creating a month-long, fun and light experiment. This experiment is based on one of the Soul Abundance principles and is designed to help you embody that principle in such a way that you get what you want.

Call happens the first Wednesday of every month at Noon Central (60 minutes)


Tapping Monthly Call 

As you play with the experiment, old patterning, beliefs, experiences, etc. are going to rise to the surface. The second live call is a Transformation Tapping session. Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and "borrowing benefits" we will clear away the roadblocks as a group.

Each call will give 3-4 people the opportunity to be in the virtual "transformation seat" and the rest will get the benefits from tapping along.

Call happens on the third Tuesday of each month at 11:00 AM Central. 


Online Community Interaction

Let's talk about what is happening with the experiment! Weekly questions will deepen the experiment process. Group sharing will expand everyone's experience. We have a Facebook group as a hub for our community interaction.

If Facebook isn't your thing, I will be emailing the weekly questions as well as posting them in the group and will share any ah-has coming up in the group.

As part of the Circle, you also receive two robust online resources designed to give you complete support throughout the month.


Soul Abundance Foundation Program

In order to have great communication in a group, we must all 'speak' the same language.

To help this happen as quickly as possible, I have created a Foundation program.

This program details eight principles and eight simple and powerful processes that will help you create Soul Abundance in your daily life.

These principles and exercises are organized into small, bite sized pieces that you can go through at your own pace.

During each month in the Circle, we will build on the principles with our live trainings.


Soul Abundance Tapping Library

No matter how much you embody the principles of Soul Abundance, no matter how good you get at asking for what you want and expecting it, you are going to have experiences and feelings that attempt to knock you out of the process.

The Tapping Library is filled with audios designed to shift you back into alignment.

These audios use Emotional Freedom Technique (A simple acupressure technique) that releases old experiences, emotions, beliefs, at the level of the subconscious.

A sample of these audio titles: Fear of spending, Achieving more than your parents, lack, fear of not enough, feeling stuck, anxiety and money, and more.

Access to this library will give you tools to keep you ‘on track,’ even if you need something at 2AM; it’s all right here at your fingertips.

Jennifer Bloome

What you experience as part of
the Soul Abundance Circle
(as you are on your way to having what you want)


Participation in a supportive community that has your back. You get to engage with others who are like you - share successes and tips and support.


A new lightness around creating what you want, a very real sense of possibility that you believe in your core.


Practical, tangible strategies and experiments to fully embody what’s needed to have what you want. And have fun while playing with the experiment!


Two hours/month of live direct engagement with me during our live calls. Get all of your burning questions answered!


Regular releasing of old emotions, beliefs, memories, and experiences that get in the way of you having what you want.


A dedicated focus on creating the flourishing life you want. Life gets busy, doesn’t it? This circle gives you the structure to integrate the concepts that will get you what you want.

Jennifer Bloome

Who is the circle for?


The Soul Abundance Circle is fun, experiential, supportive, productive, and tangible.


You will find yourself among great company if you:

  • Have decided that you are done pushing, hustling, pushing, striving, and judging yourself by working long hours to MAKE something happen.
  • Are not brand new to the world of metaphysics - energy - intuition - etc. This means you are familiar with the concepts of creation, manifestation, Divine / Universe, etc.
  • *Know* in your whole being that there is a different way to create what you want, you’ve had some successes, and you have areas that just aren’t budging. You have a level of frustration about those areas that just haven’t shifted yet.
  • Are someone who enjoys engaging with others in an intimate space. Now, I am an introvert. I am not a “big party” kind of person. However, being with others who love playing in “deep” waters, super curious about who they are at a Soul level, super curious about others and who they are at a Soul level…now that’s my kind of group - and that’s who this Circle is filled with.
  • Are someone who is ready and willing to be actively engaged in the Circle. Not all the time. But, you are a deep commitment to this process and know that participation is a key ingredient. That being said, no one will be counting your interactions or shaming you if you can’t make a call live.
  • Are ready to not ‘go it alone” anymore. You are ready to have a space to make a commitment to a fuller embodiment of how you want to live.
  • You are ready to step into a new level of Soul Abundance. This means you are ready to declare that you want more and trust in a deeper way that you will have it. “It’ gets to be what you choose. More money, time, love, health, connection, etc.



Jennifer Bloome

Intrigued, excited, resonating with all of this?
Ready to close the gap and finally have what you want?
I'd love to have you join the Circle!


Jennifer Bloome



Option One                                                 Option Two
$88/month for 6 months                             $500 Pay in Full  


Join the Circle



Is this a month-to-month membership or a 6-month program?

We are all trained really well on the "workshop" or "retreat" model where we go away for a few days or a week, fill our minds with knowledge, bask in the heart and soul connections with others, and come home feeling like we can conquer the world with all that we have learned.

And then real life intervenes and slowly, what we have learned goes on the back burner.  We never learn how to truly incorporate all that we have learned.

Actually embodying what we know takes time and practice. You are someone who already knows A LOT about spiritual manifestation concepts, but you aren't necessarily getting what you want.

These concepts are easy to understand, but they bump up against so much internal programming and beliefs that without focus and practice, most of us will never embody them fully enough to actually "get" them to work.

A 6-month commitment will give you the time, space, and focus to begin to deeply embody these principles so that you can finally have what you want.

What if I love the Circle? Can I stay after the 6-month commitment?

Yes! You can renew your membership in the Circle for another 3 or 6 months.

If there are only 8 principles, won't some of the information be repeated if I renew?

The vision for this community is that every time we rotate through the eight principles, you can repeat them as often as you would like so you can continue embodying the tools and principles on a deeper level as you evolve.

And, as the saying goes, you can never step into the same river twice (the water is always moving, so you're always stepping into something new). Each time the same principle is taught, the group will be different, I will have evolved, AND the experiments will be different.

You will have the opportunity to "get" the information in new ways.

What's really happening that is going to help me get what I want?

You’re changing your abundance identity, patterns, and stories through fun experiments and integrating metaphysical principles so you get what you ask for. (We all know we don’t need more information but it’s time to integrate.)

What is the general "atmosphere" of the group?

While I am the leader of this Circle, I view it as co-creative, transformative, and judgment-free.

We are all - and I do mean we as I am always evolving too - here to transform. Transformation is going to happen more quickly when we co-create as a group.

Everyone’s ideas and voices come together to co-create powerful experiences where we learn from each other and give to each other. You don’t have to do this all alone anymore.

We all transform at different speeds. You are loved and supported no matter where you are in the process. No matter what you want to create. No matter how you identify. No matter what.

Do I have to be live at all calls to have this program work for me?

All calls will be recorded and there will be a central hub where you will be able to easily find and listen to the calls.

And of course life happens. There will be times when you won't be able to make a live call or two during your 6 months in the program.

However, if you know that your schedule is NEVER going to allow you to be live, I wouldn't recommend joining at this time.

What if I join and it just isn't my cup of tea?

If you join and participate in the calls, work through some of the online resources, show up in the online community and then realize it isn't what you wanted, please reach out to me and we will have a conversation about the next steps.

My intention is that each person within the community is someone who is active and engaged and wants to be present.

About Your Soul Abundance Circle Leader

Hello! I am Jennifer Bloome - a Soul Abundance Guide, Energy Healer, Master Soul Language Practitioner, and Podcaster. I have been working with people for over 20 years to create more of what they want, from babies to relationships to money.

I guide people to give themselves permission to create more of what they want and heal whatever roadblocks stand in the way of receiving it.

Listen, this journey to having what you want is not a one-and-done manifestation technique - but I am guessing you are here because those kinds of things haven't worked out for you.

Manifestation is absolutely a part of the work, but it needs to come from a completely different framework. We are trying to cram Soul and Divinity based tools into our current world that tends to live without consciousness.

This journey to having what you want is one that is done within the framework of Divinity and with the Truth of Soul - that you are one piece of the Divine and are therefore due the access to all the unlimited resources of the Divine.

I am not here to tell you what resources you should have or in what amount. I am simply here to remind you of who you really are and that you can have what you want without struggle and sacrifice.

If this resonates with you, please journey with me!