Soul Abundance Identification Package


Here's what you will receive

Build a strong foundation for your personal and specific relationship with Money.

When you build this foundation, you will:

  • Create a relationship based on Soul rather than old programming or patterning
  • End the love/hate relationship with money
  • End the pattern of suffering
  • Bring more money into your bank account with joy and ease
  • Understand how your Soul "does" money
  • Know how to co-create with the Divine
  • Expand all the elements of your money relationship
  • Have tangible action steps (both internal and external) to change your flow of money

This foundation starts with identifying your three Personal Soul Languages and your three Money Languages using the paradigm of Soul Language.

In this identification package you will receive 2, 60-75 minute sessions:

  1. Personal Soul Language Identification Session: learn your (3) personal soul languages, how to interact with them, how you are currently using them for success and abundance, how they prefer to work with abundance. You will learn your personal mission, the skills/tools you brought with you to complete that mission, and your Soulful personality.
  2. Sacred Partnership with Money Language Identification Session: learn your (3) languages that are here to support you as you create money and abundance. Learn how to communicate with this “advisory board.” You will learn your shared mission with money, the energetic "how" of creating money specific to your Soul, and your Abundance Being State which is the personal to your Soul Being/Vibratory state that unlocks your flow of money.

All sessions will be recorded, so you can refer back to them.

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Soul Abundance Identification Package

$650 – Full Pay

2 Installments of $325