Soul Abundance Identification Package

When you know how to translate the wisdom of your Soul and you speak the language of your Soul’s Abundance, you create a steady flow of money and abundance that is in direct alignment with your gifts, talents, and natural abilities.

Knowing your Money Languages gives you the translation tool you need to understand and communicate directly with your Soul about how it prefers to work with money.

In this identification package you will receive (3) 60-minute sessions:

  1. Personal Soul Language Identification: learn your (3) personal soul languages, how to interact with them, how you are currently using them for success and abundance, how they prefer to work with abundance.
  2. Sacred Partnership with Money Language: learn your (3) languages that are here to support you as you create money and abundance. Learn how to communicate with this “advisory board.”
  3. Integration Conversation: Learn how your two teams of languages interact, begin the healing process of releasing beliefs / habits / patterns that stop you from using your languages effectively, use your new languages to build a flow of Soul Abundance.

All sessions will be recorded, so you can refer back to them.

Soul Abundance Identification Package

$600 – Full Pay

Soul Abundance Identification Package (Full Payment)

2 Payments of $300 (first payment today, second payment 21 days)

Soul Abundance Identification Package (Payments)