Soul Abundance


What if you could be assured the money that came into your life would come through with joy, ease, and in alignment with your talents, values, and beliefs?

This is possible when you start to shift into a new money paradigm: Soul Abundance

Learn How to Speak Your Money Languages to Create Soul-Based Abundance


The current money paradigm in our culture
is based in an ego-based system.

The language of Ego-Based Abundance is rooted in

  • Power
  • Control
  • Worth
  • Competition
  • Lack
  • Fear
  • Protection

With this system in place, no wonder we have complicated money stories and struggle around money and abundance.

Even a spiritual, heart centered person has a hard time getting out of the ego-based system that we’ve been trained to follow.


Because we’re afraid if we say we want more money, if we really open ourselves up to abundance, we’re going to end up becoming who we don’t want to be with money, accidentally over-emphasizing more ego-based values.

That’s why we want something different.
Something more in alignment with deeper meaning…

The question for you is: How can you shift out of the ego-based system and into a more Divine, or Universal oriented system? How can you learn to speak a different language that allows you to access that ease, joy, and abundance

To begin living a new type of money system, you have to learn how to speak “its” language!

Forest green

The language of Soul Abundance is rooted in

  • Divine Energy (Universe, God, Goddess, Nature)
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Inclusion
  • Knowing of Worth as a Part of the Divine
  • Wholeness
  • Values
  • Community

The paradigm of Soul-Based Abundance starts with the understanding all creation begins inside of you.

We all carry an inner abundance, our divine essence, our own personal strand of the larger divine (universe, god, goddess, nature, whatever your word is for what we are all a part of).

This inner essence, this inner abundance, carries your personal values and deepest belief structure formed from your particular strand of the divine.

This inner essence is encoded with a deep understanding of money as just another form of the divine.

When you create money from your knowing of your inner abundance ― your personal language of your Soul ― then you are in the practice of Soul-Based Abundance rather than Ego-Based Abundance.

And, when you create from Soul Abundance, what you create is in complete alignment with the values and belief structures that makes up who you are at your core, your unique strand of the divine.

Are you ready to learn the translation tools that will show you how to create your own Soul Abundance?  Start by taking the Soul Money Relationship Quiz below.

Discover your personal Abundance Identity

Your Abundance Identity is the filter through which you allow or block all the abundance flowing from the Divine. Learn more about the Abundance Identity in general and what you need to change about yours so that you can have the abundance you want in a free video presentation and experience.