Soul Language Identification Session

Ready to know your gifts and talents in a deeper way? Ready to have your Soul share directly with you? Ready to learn how to connect with your Soul on a regular basis?

A Soul Language Identification provides you information about your sacred mission, your soulful personality, and the resources your Soul came with to help you complete your mission. This gives you a very important component of your Inner Capital.

Soul Language Identification is a tangible tool to help with the intangible. It gives you a way to provide language around and about your sacred mission and purpose here. This identification brings awareness of your Inner Capital. It also allows you to co-create with your Soul to embrace, explore, discover, and accept your sacred purpose in a more profound way.

Understanding your Soul Languages and how you utilize them as part of your Inner Capital is a life-long journey. This process gives structure to profound individuality. Soul Language allows me to assist you with remembering your purpose and living from this place of deep understanding; allows me to show you how to engage even more fully with your Inner Capital.

Here are all the details:

Soul Language Identification Session

In this 60-minute session, you will learn your (3) Soul Languages. Knowing your Soul’s Languages provides many layers of benefits:

  • Learn your Soul’s mission.
  • Learn the skills your Soul brought to help achieve that mission.
  • Know the signs/signals of when you are not consciously using your languages.
  • Learn a new way to connect and interact directly with your Soul.

And most importantly, having this new way to connect with your Soul draws you toward complete acceptance of who you are and what you are here for, so you now have a firm foundation to express your gifts and talents in a highly prosperous, highly sustainable way.

You will know how to engage your Inner Capital.

“Working with Jennifer on introducing me to my Soul Languages allowed me to give myself permission for the first time, with love and grace, to be ME. I felt an instant sense of peace go through me. I now see that just like our fingerprints, no two souls are like, so why am I trying to be what I “think” I should be, rather than just Being ME. My life has taken on a rich new depth since coming into connection with my soul and I have Jennifer to thank for awakening that connection!”

Jennifer Slack

Each session is recorded.

After you have purchased your session, I will be in touch with you to schedule your session.

Investment: $250

Prosperous Blessings,

Jennifer Bloome

Jennifer Bloome

Fertile Business Midwife


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