Soul Language Identifications

Changing your Abundance Identity is rooted in deep self-acceptance.

Self-acceptance comes from developing a nurturing relationship with your Soul.

How do you even start developing this relationship?

Soul Language


Soul Language is a paradigm that gives tangibility to Soul. Soul Language explains the intangible (Soul) in a tangible way so that humans can create a consciousness connection to create abundance (in any of its forms) in their lives.

By understanding your Soul Languages, you will be able to listen more closely to your inner wisdom, expand your awareness, create a life of consciousness, move into deeper self-acceptance, and enjoy life more.

The Soul Language paradigm says that there are 107 different voices of Soul. When we come to the planet, we bring three of those languages as a part of our Soul.

These languages help us understand our Soul’s mission, the skills and tools to serve that mission, and our Soulful personality.

Having your Soul Languages identified gives you a tool you can work with on a daily basis.

Through understanding your three Languages, you have a tangible internal tool to move from unconscious or pattern to consciousness. When we are conscious, we operate and create from the knowing that we are whole and complete and that results in a life that is full of ease and grace.

Personal and Relationship Languages

You have personal Soul Languages and Soul Languages that support each relationship in your life. For example, you have languages that support your relationship with money, your relationship with your business, your relationship with your romantic partner, and more.

The relationship languages will help you bring consciousness into that relationship which will create a more positive outcome of the relationship.

Ready to start developing a nurturing relationship with your Soul?

We always start by identifying your personal Soul Languages. Once those are identified, you can have your relationship languages identified.


Personal Soul Language Identification Session: learn your three personal soul languages, how to interact with them, how you are currently using them for success and abundance, and how they prefer to work with abundance. You will learn your personal mission, the skills/tools you brought with you to complete that mission, and your Soulful personality.

Your Soul Language Identification Session will be 60-75 minutes. Please make sure to schedule it during a time when you can be in a quiet space. You may also want to have time after the session to integrate what you learned.

Investment: $350

Soul Abundance Identification Package: Learn your personal Soul Languages AND your Sacred Partnership with Money Languages. In this second identification, you will learn your three languages that are here to support you as you create money and abundance. Learn how to communicate with this “advisory board.” You will learn your shared mission with money, the energetic "how" of creating money specific to your Soul, and your Abundance Being State which is the personal to your Soul Being/Vibratory state that unlocks your flow of money.

This package includes 2, 60-75 minute sessions.

Investment: $650