Sumptuous Living Program

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Isn’t that the most delicious, juicy word?


Now imagine sumptuous being the descriptor of your daily life.

What would that include for you?

Here is mine: Lots of free time. Freedom to choose. Intimate relationships. Deep bonds. Family. Full bank account(s). A home filled with rooms that make me smile every time I walk into them. Intimate, rich conversations. A body that moves fluidly and strongly. An unshakeable knowing of who I am and my innate value. Work that enlivens me. Regular time in the beauty and abundance of Nature. Simplicity. Intention. New experiences. Travel. Joy. Amazing food. Creative projects.

Now, how about you? The list can be as long and as individual as you.

If your experience of daily life does not match your list, it is because of your Abundance Identity. 

Your Abundance Identity - the part of you that filters everything you receive in your co-creation with Divinity - does not currently allow a sumptuous experience. But you can change your Abundance Identity and start living your sumptuous life now.

Change your Abundance Identity to
allow your Sumptuous Life 

Your Abundance Identity forms right along with the rest of you. From conception through the age of 7, you are taking in everything in your environment as if it were Truth. Maybe you learned:

  • It is selfish / arrogant to ask or want
  • Better to give than receive
  • No gain without pain
  • If you don't earn what you get, you'll either lose it or you won't appreciate it
  • It's dangerous to want to be more than your "betters"
  • Money changes people
  • Just do as you are told
  • Your dreams won't pay or are stupid
  • Your personal characteristics (the color of your skin, your gender, your sexuality) dictate who you are in this world. Don't even try. Don't get ideas. 
  • The world is too dangerous
  • You're here to serve others
  • it is not spiritual to want material things
  • Keep your head down and just do your work
  • You don't have to love your job, that's what hobbies and retirement are for
image of two women. One receiving abundance, the other blocking it.

Not very sumptuous, are they?

What you learned is woven directly within your Abundance Identity. Anything that doesn't match the "rules" laid down in your identity is viewed as dangerous and gets blocked from your experience by your body.

No amount of affirmations or vision boards is going to change if you don't address your internal wiring.

The great news is: you can change your Abundance Identity.

Create your Sumptuous Abundance Identity

Announcing: The Sumptuous Living Program

Choose your most sumptuous container - 3 months or 6 months where we will work 1:1 to shift your Abundance Identity to match *your* vision of a sumptuous life.



Work / life balance     Work you love to do     Deeper relationships

Money in the bank     Freedom     Joy     Love     Time


This program is highly individualized. We start with an in-depth conversation to determine your current Abundance Identity and your Sumptuous Life vision. Next, we use a variety of tools together to shift your Abundance Identity. These could include:

  • Identifying your personal Soul Languages, Money Languages and/or Divine Languages
  • Belief clearing
  • Defining a daily spiritual practice
  • Past life clearing
  • Trauma healing
  • Somatic tools to work with your nervous system (to maintain the frequency of what you want)
  • Personalized meditations
  • Personalized tapping (EFT) recordings
  • Identifying and clearing outdated family abundance patterns


You will leave this program container:


  • Owning your clear vision of your sumptuous life
  • Lasting shifts in your Abundance Identity
  • New leadership of your Soul Abundance Relationship
  • Deeper relationships with your Self, Divinity, and Abundance
  • A new openness to receiving *more* 
  • Unfolding evidence of your sumptuous life


Choose to live your
Sumptuous Life


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3 Month Program

6 Month Program

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