Take Charge of Your Money Relationship

Are you someone who:

Doesn’t just want a fat bank account,
 you want money flowing through joy and ease

Doesn’t just want money,
you want the freedom to create and expand
while being fully supported

Doesn’t just want money at any cost,
you want to end the pain of needing money while staying in integrity


You can create money in whatever way works best for you.

You can hustle and push and strive and work long hours. You can prove through your effort that you are worthy and deserving of the money you are receiving. You can work hard to earn your money.

Or, you can learn how to work with money in a way that allows it to flow with joy and ease.

The key to having money that comes through joy rather than pain and suffering isn’t taught in a budgeting class, or a finance class, or an investment series. I know I always left these classes feeling like time and money have so much more power and influence than I ever could.

To create freedom, joy, and flow of money, you have to create an internal foundation with money before you use any external money strategy like budgeting or investing.

The two keys to creating a rock-solid internal foundation with money so that you can create through joy rather than pain and suffering are:

  1. Embody the knowing that you have a personal and specific relationship with money
  2. Nurture that relationship in a way that brings positive results to your bank account

Just as any relationship fails without nurturing, your Money Relationship will not yield what you want without nurturing.

How do you know if your Money Relationship needs nurturing?

  • Money seems to always have the power, showing up when it wants to rather than when you ask
  • Your efforts to “make” money keep stalling out
  • Being consistently in fear, worry, or doubt about money
  • Believing that you must EARN your money
  • You have rules around who deserves money and who does not
  • You have a hard time understanding how to use the knowledge that Source is the source of your money
  • Money feels “dirty” or of human creation so it cannot be a currency of the Divine
  • Your bank account is the barometer of your self-worth or safety in the world
  • You are constantly comparing where you are now with where you “should” be in terms of money
  • You feel like you have something to prove first before you deserve money
  • You’re afraid the other shoe is going to drop when money does come in
  • You are beating yourself up over past money errors

Building and nurturing your Money Relationship doesn’t have to be hard or take a long time, but it does need some focused attention. That is why I have created:

Being Prosperous: Take Charge of Your Money Relationship

In this 5-week class series you will learn:

  • What you want from your Money Relationship and how to structure the relationship to create those results
  • How to strengthen each of the 3 sacred aspects of your Money Relationship
  • How to define the kind of money you are asking for in a way that is integrity for you
  • How to move past previous money “errors” and “unanswered prayers” by the Divine
  • Embody your connection to the unlimited supply of the Divine
  • Detach your self-worth from your bank account or sales numbers
  • Finally be in charge of your Money Flow

Through this class series, you will develop and nurture your specific and personal relationship with money. You are going to build a solid internal foundation that will create changes in both your bank account and how that money flows into your bank account.

Class One: It’s all about relationship and choosing to be in charge

Class Two: Sacred Aspect #1 – nurturing your relationship with your Self

Class Three: Sacred Aspect #2 – nurturing your relationship with the Divine

Class Four: Sacred Aspect #3: – nurturing your relationship with the energy of money

Class Five: Putting it all together and declaring what you want from money


Ready to build and nurture your Money Relationship? Here’s how to join:

Classes start Tuesday, Sept 1st at 6:00 PM Central and continue for 4 additional weeks (9/8, 9/15, 9/22, 9/29)

Investment: $127

Pay in full :

Pay in two installments of $64 – first payment today, second made automatically in 30 days: