“Working with Jennifer on introducing me to my Soul Languages allowed me to give myself permission for the first time, with love and grace, to be ME. I felt an instant sense of peace go through me. I now see that just like our fingerprints, no two souls are like, so why am I trying to be what I “think” I should be, rather than just Being ME. My life has taken on a rich new depth since coming into connection with my soul and I have Jennifer to thank for awakening that connection!”

Jennifer Slack

Jennifer Bloome
Liz Schneider

“I’ve had the good fortune to work with Jennifer Bloome several times—in person and over the phone. Her calm guidance, as she spoke spirit-guided truths and performed EFT tapping on me, gave me an incomparable feeling of being embraced by love and compassion.

When we worked together on the phone, I had my doubts on the effectiveness of this intuitive, heart-based work being handled from afar, but my concerns were needless. I had specific issues that I wanted support with and the information-gathering Jennifer did at the start of the session truly cleared away the chaff and got down to the kernel of my need.

Jennifer Bloome has a heart-based gift to heal and to teach others. As an entrepreneur and a mother, my needs are varied and the support I look for is easily found in her. Are you ready to acknowledge and work through your blocks or false thoughts? Isn’t it about time for you to release the weight of those thoughts and just fly free? Contact Jennifer, so you can start, NOW.”

Liz Schneider

Jennifer Bloome

“I was dealing with some intense emotions around moving forward with an aspect of my business. I decided to book an EFT session with Jennifer and was delighted to find she zeroed right in on the thoughts and “stories” underlying my stressful feelings, all of which were inaccessible to me prior to our session.

I know that no matter how much time we spend in meditation or other awareness raising methods, we all have blind spots. Jennifer helped me identify some conflicting unconscious thoughts that were creating stress and confusion in my system…then, and here’s the beautiful part, she helped me release them.

If you are a high-level healer, teacher, or business person, you need a safe space where YOU can go to be nurtured and supported (you’re usually doing it for everyone else, right?). Jennifer can give you what you need to be at the peak of your life and business.”

Kimberly Schneider

Kimberly Schneider
Jennifer Bloome
Cari Main Small

“After one session with Jennifer I had a mindset breakthrough that opened the door to more clients than ever before!I had just launched a new program and was having a hard time getting my ideal client to sign up. I knew in my heart my program wasn’t the issue, nor the marketing; rather it was my own inner gunk that kept getting in the way.

In one session, Jennifer helped me clear through what was blocking me from making a big leap in my business. She helped me dissolve the inner issues that were holding me back and as a result, I was able to move forward confidently and attract more clients to my program than ever before!

If you’re struggling, it may not have anything to do with your business or marketing. It may have everything to do with your mindset! If you suspect that’s true for you then contact Jennifer immediately. There’s no reason to suffer in silence when a breakthrough is only phone session away!”

Cari Vollmer
Passion into Profit Mentor
Founder, PassionIntoProfit.com

Jennifer Bloome

“Jennifer is truly a gifted, intuitive healer. Her calm and reassuring demeanor makes you feel like you’ve been wrapped in a quilt of caring. During an EFT session I had with her, I was able to uncover a block I wasn’t even aware of, one that had been buried for years. The breakthrough was just what I needed to move forward in my business. After our session, I felt like I was walking on air. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Thank you, Jennifer!”

Cathy Catlin

Cathy Caitlin