The Key You’ve Been Searching For

How much time do you spend each month in your business looking for a new way to market yourself? That time may look like creating new programs, writing new web copy, engaging in social media (or simply thinking about doing any of these activities or berating yourself for not doing more)?

What I have noticed — in both my clients and in myself — is that we are willing to invest hours and hours and hours of external action. We are willing to invest that time because there is a part of us that still believes there is a magic key out there, which will open the door to connecting with those people we are on this planet to serve.

I am here to tell you there is a key. Maybe it’s even magic. Sure feels like magic. But it is NOT out there. The key is not a program, a tactic, a squeeze page, or a social media site.

The key is in you.

The key is being you. Actually, it is one level deeper than that: The key is being the Soul you. The key is bringing to the world all gifts and talents you came into this physical plane with, no holds barred.

Once we fully own our beautiful, brilliant, light, soul-selves, our magnetic wattage is turned on full force. Actually, I should say that differently: when we fully own our beautiful, brilliant, light, soul-selves, we remove the human-made barrier that covered up our natural magnetic wattage.

When the barrier is removed:

That’s when the best methods to becoming known to the people we are meant to serve show up.

That’s when the phone begins to ring before you’ve even put out an offer.

That’s when the people in your business are an absolute joy to create with.

That’s when business begins to flow in a sustainable way.

What internal or external action can you take today to fully own your beautiful, brilliant, light, soul-self?

Jennifer Bloome is the Fertile Business Midwife. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperous, fertile, Soul-satisfying life and business they desire. Ready to transform? Visit to set up your complimentary Belief Discovery Session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks that are keeping you from your own prosperous life.


  1. Just what I needed to hear this morning. I finally have my blog designed and it is ready to go but I was terrified to publish that first post. When I write, I write from my soul and it feels so right…but then when I read it over, I start analyzing why it’s too this or that and why I need to make it more this way or that way. Today, I will tuck your advice in my heart and press the publish key!

    • Jennifer Bloome says

      Hurrah! Congratulations, Meg.

      Writing from the Soul feels like such a vulnerable act, doesn’t it? That part of us which wants to protect those fresh, tender pieces of ourselves can get quite sneaky in the ways it tries to keep us from doing something it perceives as dangerous.

      What I’ve learned (from trial and error), is that ultimately, I get more hurt by the people I attract when I NOT being myself, than when I am. And by hurt, I mean – clients who don’t respect my time, talks to audiences who simply don’t ‘get’ me because we’re too far apart, open blank time on my calendar, and more.

      The more I step into being exactly who I am, the more gifts rise to the surface of my awareness and the more I connect with amazing people. Those who don’t connect? Either their words don’t affect me, or they simply don’t show up in the first place. And, the deep joy which comes from hearing from even one person who truly connects is priceless.

      Thanks for sharing, Meg. And bravo to your blog!

      Many blessings,


  2. Wow Jennifer your timing of this is impeccable! Love the Universe…lol. This just confirmed my message I received this morning from the Divine.
    To make this happen for me was more “Grace of Myself”. Then it will create a new shift of inner peace that I have felt is needed, but honestly I have been fighting. The inner self sabotage and outer busy work, that I have been stuck in, is unnecessary at the level I have been doing because it’s just my ego telling me it needs it, when in reality it’s the last thing I need.
    Now that I understand my #1 Barrier I have created for myself….I promise to kick that barrier out of the way, by embracing in “Grace for myself” because no one else (children, clients, boyfriend, work project, a product launch) but me can give that to myself at the level I need and DESERVE!!!!
    Thanks again for the Universe for sending me a “confirmation massage”, someday I will trust more (barrier #2) so that I don’t need to hear a message more than once…lol. But I am so ever grateful the message came from you Jennifer!!!!!
    Have a super Holiday!

    • Jennifer Bloome says

      Ego is sneaky, sneaky, sneaky! Lovingly embrace that part that wants to keep you safe as you continue to make choices for YOU. You absolutely deserve to express every single gift you carry within.

      You are a dynamo, Jen!

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