The upside of a clean money relationship


A clean money relationship has several basic tenets:

  • You recognize that you are in relationship with money
  • You know deep in your gut that you are the leader of your relationship with money
  • Money is a neutral energy, neither good nor bad, with roots in the Divine
  • You trust that money will respond to your desires and requests
  • You know down to every atom of your being that worthiness and deserving have absolutely nothing to do with how much money is in your bank account
  • You maintain a healthy relationship with yourself; you know when you have a “hole” and fill it through deeper self-awareness rather than trying to make money a substitute
  • You maintain a healthy relationship with Divinity/Source/God/Universe
  • You keep expanding your ability to receive

As you expand and evolve into each tenet, the amount of money in your bank account will rise.

But that effect may not even be the most interesting effect of a clear money relationship. Here are some examples:

  1. As you expand into a cleaner money relationship, you no longer have to dedicate mental energy to the topic of money. You hold a level of expectation that resources will flow, you leave the how to the Divine, and you follow inspired action steps. No more worry. No more anxiety. No more thought loops that keep you up at night. Much more mental energy is available to you.

  2. You are freer to express your creativity through your business. There is no longer a lingering fear that you will not be supported financially. Money can come through your business. Money can come outside of your business. You will have the resources that you need, want, and desire.

  3. A clean money relationship is facilitated by a steady and expanding relationship with yourself and with the Divine. By tending to your money relationship, you simultaneously allow expansion of both your human and Divine aspects.

  4. You begin to intuitively understand the being and doing balance and can apply that to all areas of your life.

  5. Receiving becomes second nature and applies to all forms of abundance: love, freedom, beauty, nature, health, and more.

None of this is meant to deny the tangible, physical, life giving benefits of having more money in your bank account.

And, as spiritual, conscious, and aware members of this planet, we tend to put our own thriving last. We tend to translate the “do what you love and the money will follow” tenet into the belief that can shelve our money relationship (which is uncomfortable to deal with at times) in favor of being of service to the world and heave a big sigh of relief.

Money is a great expansion tool as well as a tool that allows for amazing experiences.

Tend your money relationship and you will reap SO many benefits.

Tools to clean up your money relationship:

  1. Set a solid foundation with the Soul Abundance Identification Package. You will learn both your Soul Languages and your Money Languages. You will learn how your Soul prefers to work with money giving you both insights AND a way to directly communicate with your Soul regarding money. Learn all about it here.

  2.  Build your foundation and then take that foundation and use it to build a Sumptuous Life.

If you’re ready to move forward but not sure what to choose, let’s chat. Set up a time on my calendar here.