Tools for Challenging Times

You are a powerful creator. You are Divinity.  You have the ability to form whatever you want out of the undifferentiated substance called Source.

You are also human. Have bills to pay. Have a history with money. Have unexpected events that happen. Life can feel easy one moment and a great challenge the next.

And, there is often a gap between your intention to create something new and the physical manifestation.  You must be able to hold your focus on what you want no matter the real-life conditions in front of you. You must hold the *feeling state* of what you want no matter how frustrated, angry, sad, helpless, or hopeless that condition could make you feel.

I acknowledge that this isn’t easy. In fact, this has been one of my biggest obstacles to creating what I want.

The reality is, though, no matter the circumstances, you have the ability to feel differently.  You have the ability to regain your connection and find a new way of feeling – no matter how hard that seems.

What I have found is that when things get really challenging, I need to have go-to tools.  Tools that I am so familiar with that I can reach for them even when I am in emotional pain and disconnection. Tools that bring me back into connection and alignment with Soul.  From there, it is easy to get back into alignment with prosperity or whatever else I am trying to create.

I want to share my tools with you!

And that’s why I’ve created this package of  3 different tools you can use to shift out of a “negative” or difficult emotional state back into a state of connection, back into the *feeling state* of possibility, back into alignment with your Soul.

This package contains two meditations and a powerful energy shifting exercise.

Tool #1 – Meditation that guides you to draw out the uncomfortable feelings that are causing disconnection and fill back up with peace and calm (approx 10 min)

Tool #2 – Powerful energetic exercise (full and condensed versions) that makes use of the Law of Polarity (for anything that is created, it’s equal and opposite is created) to move your focus out of the present moment condition and back into the feeling state of possibility (Full version is approx 9  min, Condensed version is approx 5 min).

Tool #3 – Meditation that draws in the love and power of Divine Mother so that you may be fully supported and realigned in the presence of Love.

Each of these tools is specifically designed to help you back into connection. Back into your aligned, powerful Self.

When you are in alignment you now have the ability to return to your focus of creating what you want.

Ready to start?

Investment: $37