Tools for Challenging Times


These three tools are designed to guide you back into a better feeling state when present moment conditions are challenging – whether you are facing an unexpected bill, or your schedule didn’t fill, or you’re simply tired of being in the conditions you are in.

Here’s a reminder as to why you are using these tools:

You are a powerful creator. You are Divinity.  You have the ability to form whatever you want out of the undifferentiated substance called Source. But there is often a gap between your intention and the physical manifestation.  You must be able to hold your prosperous feeling state no matter the real-life conditions in front of you. 

No matter how challenging the condition, you have the ability to *feel* differently.

I acknowledge that this isn’t easy.

These are my favorite three tools for getting back into connection and alignment with Soul.  From there, it is easy to get back into alignment with prosperity.

My suggestion is that you try each of these tools and then you’ll know which one to draw on when you are at a low point.  If you have any questions on how to use the tools, please reach out and contact me at .


Tool #1: Soles of the Feet

This audio meditation is designed to draw out the difficult feelings and replace them with feelings of peace and calm.

Click on the link to listen or to download:


Soles of the Feet


Tool #2 – I am the Energy of the Solution

This tool is based on the law of Polarity which states that for everything that is created, its equal and opposite has also been created.  So, anytime you have a problem, the solution has already been created.  However, you can’t be in the vibration/feeling state of the problem and have access to the solution.

But, when you are feeling really caught up in the problem and saying things like, “I have to figure this out,” or, “How am I ever going to have enough money,” or, “Why does this always happen to me,” or, “When are things going to finally get better?” or, “Money is just so hard,” or…any of the thousand other variations, switching to the feeling state of the solution is a challenge.

The “I am the Energy of the Solution” makes use of EFT to allow you to easily align with the solution rather than the problem.

This tool is video-based and is available in both a full version and a condensed version.  Once you have practiced with the video several times, you will be able to use the tool in any situation without need for the video prompts.  If you are unfamiliar with EFT, please watch the demonstration video first (it is listed at the end of this tool section).

I am the Energy of the Solution – Full Version


I am the Energy of the Solution – Condensed Version


EFT Explanation:



Tool #3 Divine Support Meditation

This audio meditation brings you the support of the Divine Mother.

Click the link to listen or to download:


Divine Support