Instructions for the Continuous Abundance Series!

Instructions for the Continuous Abundance Series!

As you listen to these meditations you will begin to shift your underlying belief structure, so you will know, all the way down to your core, you can command money from a place of love and value.

My recommendation is you listen to each of the meditations once and then you can repeat the meditations that are most helpful to you in the moment.

When you listen to the meditations, make sure to turn off your phone, dim the lights.  Give yourself permission to become completely absorbed into the meditation. You can be sitting or lying down as you listen.

Due to the nature of the meditations, do not listen while you are driving.

Remember, shifting beliefs can take some time. If you find your real world experience is not matching the new beliefs you are building, you have a choice. You can either choose to step into worry or fear.  Or, you can honor and acknowledge those feelings and choose to step back into the new beliefs.

Some days you may have to make the choice over and over. But, each time you do, you are reinforcing the new belief and the physical evidence will begin shifting in ways you can hardly even imagine right now.

Listening to the meditations is a wonderful way to fuel and reinforce your new choices.

Finally, these meditations are designed to help you remember your relationship with Source energy because Source energy is the source of all prosperity in your life. In these meditations, I use words like Source and the Divine.  Please substitute your own words — God, Goddess, Universe, All that Is — that identify that power which is bigger than all of us.

Have fun with these meditations!

I would love to hear any questions or successes you have!

Prosperous Blessings,