Welcome to the Continuous Abundance Series!

Welcome to the Continuous Abundance Series!

Use this series of meditations to set your internal structure (thoughts, beliefs, expectations) to receive abundance from a knowing of Enough. When you do this, all forms of abundance will flow with more ease and increasing amounts.

The more you use these meditations, the more support you will receive in releasing the Never Enough Trap.

You will find each of the five meditations listed below in addition to instructions for how to use the meditations.

Please download each file directly to your computer. To download any of the recordings, you can click on the link to listen now, or right click on the link, then select “Save Target As,” or “Save Link As,” or “Download linked files as” (for Mac users) to save to your hard drive, and listen at your leisure.

Before listening to the meditations, please read these instructions first.


I am Enough

There is Enough

Accept Your Good



If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at .

I look forward to hearing how stepping into these Truths creates a shift in creating prosperity for each of you.

Prosperous Blessings,