Who Holds the Power

I’ve been thinking and talking about the difference between a standard analytical approach to money and a soul approach to money.

What really changes when you spend time building a Soul Money Relationship and living a Soul approach to money?

Power and money are something that completely flips when viewed through a Soul approach.

Money — a resource of the Divine, community, and originally values based — has been completely co-opted as a source of power. Because of that, we have tended to morph that into: money holds a lot of power. Money has all the power.

I’m going to invite you to pause for a moment and ask yourself the question: who holds the power? Money or me?

We say things like:

I’ll rest when I have the money.

I’ll be safe when I have “X” money.

When I earn “X” per year, then I will know that I have “made it.”

When we say things like this — or some variation — we are giving money all the power. The power to keep us safe. The power to make us happy. The power to have peace.

That is part of the very typical Analytical Approach to money.

The Soul Approach, instead, says: You are the power. Money is simply a tool and provides us choices about how we ‘spend’ our power.

When you re-establish yourself (as a Soul) as the power center, you do not have to wait for anything to have what you want. And money gets relegated to the status of a tool. NOT the power center.

Pause and breathe and feel the Truth of that statement.

What would it mean to you to completely erase the power of money over you? How much easier would it be to move into the knowing and understanding you are connected to infinite possibilities?

How many more choices would suddenly be available to you?

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