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A 30-Day Program that sparks a transformation in your Soul Money Relationship to create lasting peace and abundance.


When your soul money relationship is rooted in fear, worry, doubt, anxiety, mistrust, feelings of not enough, or old programming, your experience with money will reflect struggle, lack, and not quite enough

  • feeling trapped by your financial situation
  • working really hard all the time without much change to your bank account bottom line
  • earning a healthy sum of money only to have it go out to an unexpected repair
  • dreading your time spent on budgeting, paying the bills, working with money in some way
  • always having to beg, borrow, and “steal” to make the bottom line work out

But instead,

When your soul money relationship is rooted in the truth of your Soul, your Soulful value, and the Divine nature of money, money starts expanding in your experience with much more ease and grace:

  • having a sense of freedom, trust, and expectancy around money
  • money showing up in many different forms on a regular basis where you can’t trace your specific effort (e.g. running a class, working overtime)
  • embodying the knowing that money is working for you
  • feeling peace when you think about money

Doesn't this Feel Good?

Jennifer Bloome

Imagine what kind of changes would happen in your life if you rooted your Soul Money Relationship in this frequency.

I wish I could wave a magic wand, or give you a magic pill to change your bank account right NOW.

But no matter what relationship we are talking about – a marriage relationship, a partner relationship, a parent/child relationship, a money relationship – change happens with focused effort and daily intention.

What I can do is make the change easier by

  • Showing you how to root your money relationship in Divine Truth and your Soul
  • Showing you how to root your money relationship in Divine Truth and your Soul

Every time you make a choice about money, every time you think about money, every time you assign a trait to money (“it’s hard to come by”, “I have to earn it”, “money slips away so easily”, “I don’t really like working with money”, “money is boring”, etc.), you build momentum of thought. You are either creating momentum that is going to lead to pain and suffering or joy and more prosperity.

I think momentum to create more joy and prosperity sounds better, don’t you? That’s why I’ve created Prosperity Momentum.

We kick-off the program the evening of May 3rd and then jump right into building your new momentum Monday, May 3rd. There is something really powerful about creating an intention and adding a container of time to that intention. Our intentions become magnified as we attend to them so diligently during a pre-determined amount of time.

Here's what you will receive

Sacred Partnership with Money Languages

You have so much Divine support to guide you to receive all that you want. Learn your Soul Money Languages and how to work with them to receive guidance about transforming your money relationship. If you have already had your languages identified, you will learn how to uplevel your relationship with them.

Personalized Daily Vibrate Abundance Sacred Practice Plan

This plan is carefully crafted for you based on a soulful conversation between you, me, your Soul, and your Money Language Team. Everything is present tense and set up to create the structure that will allow the Divine to fill in with creative and joyful experiences to expand your prosperity. This plan gives you the daily habits that will bring transformation to your money relationship.

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Having your Sacred Practice Plan only works if you do it! So, using the sacred container of our private FB group, you will have built-in accountability as well as a place to learn from me and from the rest of our group.

Work with All the Dynamics of Money

Each day I will post questions or exercises based on a variety of money principles as well as the expertise of all the Money Languages. Each of these will add to your prosperity momentum by giving you clarity about your relationship with money.

Weekly Calls

Each week I will hold live calls in our community. During these calls, I will answer questions, give you new information about building up different aspects of your money relationship, as well as provide some energetic clearing of any “bumps in the road.” All calls are recorded.

Upgrade your Plan as you expand

As you focus on your Sacred Practice Plan and learn from all the Money Languages, you will start expanding. Learn how to update your plan as you expand.

Access to Me

Before the program begins, you and I will meet for a 90-minute session to share your goals and receive your languages.

During the program, I will be present each day in the private FB group.

Finally, during the program, you and I will meet for a 30-minute session to help shift and clear out any obstacles you are running into or help shift into another new expansion of your money relationship.

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What others are saying

Jennifer Bloome

"I felt this program was worth every penny as it really changed my relationship with money and abundance. There were daily question prompts that got me to deep dive into my feelings and blocks. Having the personal time with Jennifer when she identified my Money Language Team was the best part! Developing the daily rituals helped me to zero in on the parts that needed nurturing and the parts that needed tweaking. It’s amazing how much has shifted for me in just 30 days!! - J.S.


Jennifer Bloome

"All my bills are paid on time and with gratitude. I even have enough to cover next month's bills, too! So, I'm building trust with myself about money. Previously, there would be just enough to cover the bills for that day. I'm excited about what this process is helping me shift!" C.S.

Jennifer Bloome

"I highly recommend this program. Jennifer Bloome is a trailblazer. This program will help people think differently about their relationship with money in ways that will surprise you ! In just 30 days I transformed!" C.G.

Jennifer Bloome

"Understanding my Money Languages gave me a perspective that has dramatically shifted my acceptance of how I "do" the money thing, the uniqueness of my style is critical to my success, resulting in my ability to feel more connected and less judgmental about myself. Very powerful! Manifesting is happening in all realms! I have had several cash/financial experiences that have uplifted me - from receiving cash to sales on items I didn't expect... and I do feel very blessed!" - A.O.

Jennifer Bloome

"Prosperity Momentum is for you if you know you are ready to take your relationship with money to the next level of empowerment and prosperity. Jennifer creates a sacred and safe container for truly powerful transformation to occur. During my time in the program, I experienced multiple inner and outer shifts that have moved my Prosperity Game to a whole new level." -A.M

Jennifer Bloome

"Wanted to let you know that despite not being very active in the Facebook group that there was a big shift for me just after our initial money language conversation. Unexpected money is a bonus and an inheritance showed up. And it is still going. Thanks again." E.P.

Jennifer Bloome

"There are tools out there that talk about how to change your relationship with money…this program actually helps you change your relationship with money. It allows you to start to directly transform that relationship by having a soulful conversation. I now have a deeper sense of freedom around money and know as I spend money it is easily replaced." - J.U.

Jennifer Bloome

Are you ready to transform your money relationship?

No program is scheduled at this time. Please check back for new program dates.

Let’s get started! There are three different investment levels for this program.

  • If you have never had any Soul Languages identified choose Option A.
  • If you have at least had your Personal Soul Languages identified, choose Option B.
  • If you have already taken the program at least once, choose the “Graduate” option.

Option A

Choose if you’ve never had any of your Soul Languages identified.

Option A Investment $597

Option A Payment Plan $600

Option B

Choose if you’ve had at least your Personal Soul Languages Identified.

Option B Investment $497

Option B Investment $500


Choose if you are at least a one-time graduate of Prosperity Momentum.

Graduate $150