Do You Really Have All You Need?

Have you heard the spiritual platitude, “You already have everything you need”?

Up until about a week ago, that phrase was a thorn in my side.

Many times, I could truly believe it; and at others, it almost brought about a feeling of despair: “If I truly have all I need, where is it? What’s wrong with me? Why does everyone else ‘get’ this, and I don’t?”

Then I had an experience that proved to me, without a doubt, I really do have everything I need.

I’m taking a year long energy mentorship. We’re learning to clear chakras, auras, cords, sub-personalities and more. These are phenomenal tools to help clear away all the gunk that accumulates in our day-to-day lives, which keeps us from connecting with the deepest part of ourselves. (I’m beginning to add this work into my one-on-one private client work with good success! Watch for more information about this coming soon.)

In our last class experience, we worked on clearing aspects. Aspects are simply parts of ourselves that are characteristic of certain thought patterns, or our personalities. Aspects can look like helplessness, powerlessness, procrastination, anger, abandonment, and more.

What is amazing though is for every negative aspect we carry, we also carry the positive. We have it waiting for us. It’s right there.

While I was receiving work, I could very clearly feel the negative part of the aspect; the positive was only a ghost of a feeling. However, the more the negative aspect was healed, the stronger the positive aspect became, and the more real it felt.

Now as I go about my day-to-day life, I very strongly feel the positive aspect and the negative is simply a ghost of a feeling. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made in my daily personal and business life.

The point of sharing this with you is: We have everything we need inside. It’s not just a platitude. The more gunk that gets cleared from our energy system, the easier and easier it becomes to connect with that wise, deep part of yourself; the part of you that remembers its Source.

When you are in connection with this part, life and business unfold so brilliantly, so effortlessly, so easily. Sound good? Sound believable?

For any of you that may be doubting, let me be your witness, your first-hand observer: You have everything you need, right inside. It’s just waiting for you.

Ready to uncover it?

Jennifer Bloome is the Fertile Business Midwife. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperous, fertile, Soul-satisfying life and business they desire. Ready to transform? Visit to set up your complimentary Belief Discovery Session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks that are keeping you from your own prosperous life.

Self-Compassion for Business Success

One of the primary messages I heard from my family growing up was to work hard for what I wanted; or another variation, “nothing comes without hard work.”

While I completely agree there is no way to have a business without putting in time and effort, the underlying message to “work hard or else” simply backfires energetically.

Making working hard the focus generally means a lot of harsh self-talk. It means a lot of striving and pushing and effort. None of this is conducive to the soft, open, joyful, relaxed nature that connects you with the deep part of yourself, the part connected with Source.

From that soft, open, joyful place, so much more is possible.

The Universe has been quick to remind me of this in so many ways over the last few weeks. During an energy session, the practitioner shared the message “Be Kind to Yourself.”

Pulling cards from the beautiful “Path of the Soul” Destiny Cards, I kept receiving Quan Yin. According to their guidebook, Quan Yin is the Bodhisattva of Compassion and she represents the compassion and kindness towards oneself.

You know how when you hear something multiple times in multiple places, it’s time to pay attention?

So I’ve begun to recommit myself to paying attention to self-compassion, to kindness towards myself. I’ve made difficult choices to say no to some opportunities. I chose to go to an activity that I really wanted to do even though my mind told me I needed to stay home and work.

I’ve allowed myself to step into compassion for who I am right now.

And, as usual, when I reopen to that beautiful flow of Source all things change. Writing new web copy becomes a breeze. Ideas download without effort. Solutions to problems come seemingly from out of thin air.

Where can you begin to create self-compassion for yourself, right here, right now? Imagine what could shift in your business with this idea as your primary focus.

Jennifer Bloome is the Prosperity Alignment Healer. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperity they desire. Ready to heal? Email to schedule a free 30-minute “get acquainted” session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks.

Do You Know the Story of Silent Night?

Imagine this: you are the pastor of a small church in rural Austria in the early 1800’s. It’s several days before Christmas and the organ your church is known for is out of commission. People are counting on you to do something to fix it before Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. And yet, the organ remains broken.

After deciding there wasn’t anything more to do, Pastor Joseph Mohr went home feeling the stress and strain, and the worry. However, once he got home, he decided he needed to somehow release that stress and strain. So, he got quiet and allowed himself to reconnect to the real reason for the season, the true Spirit of Christmas.

As he calmed himself, words began flowing.

He brought the stanzas he wrote to Franz Gruber, the musical director of the church, telling him, “I think these are words to a song.” Within a half hour, Franz had the melody to “Stille Nacht! Heilige Nacht,” “Silent Night,” which they sang that night, accompanied by his guitar.

Years later, this simple and beautiful song had spread throughout Europe. And now it has spread throughout the entire world.

Fanciful version of the story? Perhaps. And yet here is what touched me: this story demonstrates that getting quiet, getting into your heart and connecting with Spirit, is the most powerful action you can take for your business and in your life.

If Joseph Mohr had sat down and said, “I’m going to write an internationally known song,” chances are he would have had writer’s block.

Instead, he allowed himself to drop into his heart, connect with Spirit in the best way he knew how, and then inspiration simply flowed. He had no specific agenda. He simply wanted to feel connection so that he could best serve his congregation.

In this busy holiday season, no matter your tradition, I invite you to stop. Take a breath. Drop into your heart and connect with Spirit, Source, Creator, God. The gift is feeling this moment. And, that gift will keep on giving, as you move from inspiration to inspiration. Breath to breath. Inspired action to inspired action. Gift to gift.

Blessings to each and every one of you.

Jennifer Bloome is the Prosperity Alignment Healer. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperity they desire. Ready to heal? Email to schedule a free 30-minute “get acquainted” session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks.

What is Your Soul Longing For?

The Invitation

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.

It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive.

It doesn’t interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow, if you have been opened by life’s betrayals or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain. I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide it or fade it or fix it.

I want to know if you can be with joy, mine or your own, if you can dance with wildness and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful, to be realistic, to remember the limitations of being human.

It doesn’t interest me if the story you are telling me is true. I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself; if you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul; if you can be faithless and therefore trustworthy.

I want to know if you can see beauty, even when it’s not pretty, every day, and if you can source your own life from its presence.

I want to know if you can live with failure, yours and mine, and still stand on the edge of the lake and shout to the silver of the full moon, ‘Yes!’

It doesn’t interest me to know where you live or how much money you have. I want to know if you can get up, after the night of grief and despair, weary and bruised to the bone, and do what needs to be done to feed the children.

It doesn’t interest me who you know or how you came to be here. I want to know if you will stand in the center of the fire with me and not shrink back.

It doesn’t interest me where or what or with whom you have studied. I want to know what sustains you, from the inside, when all else falls away.

I want to know if you can be alone with yourself and if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments.


What does your Soul long for? What is longing to be expressed through you? What do you want to be harvesting next year? You may only have the barest hints of what this is. Maybe it’s just a feeling right now. Focus on that feeling. Give it time and space. Let the natural cycles of Mother Earth support you as you give yourself permission to choose the seeds that you will harvest from next fall.

Jennifer Bloome is the Prosperity Alignment Healer. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperity they desire. Ready to heal? Email to schedule a free 30-minute “get acquainted” session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks.

A Photo Meditation

The last time I went away for a two-week vacation was probably summer vacation after my Sophmore year of high school. After that, I was working during all my school breaks and holidays.

This year I received the gift of traveling with my husband, children, and parents to Glacier National Park and greater Montana for two weeks. This was an amazing trip for me in many, many ways.

I saw such grandeur, splendor, and beauty in those two weeks. From gushing waterfalls, lush forests, high plains, and huge Buttes. I don’t think anyone could experience these sites and not feel the abundance this world holds for each and every one of us.

We just need to let it in.

You start letting abundance into your life by feeling abundant and prosperous before you ever see a change in your bank account. I know this is easier said than done.

I think it’s actually easier to allow in the feelings of abundance and prosperity through channels other than through money. For me, if I want to feel expansive and prosperous, drinking in the beauty and abundance of nature works no matter what else is happening in my “real” day to day life.

This week, I offer you several shots of nature at her finest. Before you take a look at the photos, allow yourself to take a few minutes for yourself. Take several deep breaths. Allow yourself to be right here, right now, and ready to engage fully in the photo.

Then, take several minutes with each photo. Notice all the colors and textures. What would the air smell like here? What are the sounds you can hear just by looking at the photo? What opens up in you as you take in the photo? Take time to truly feel the abundance and prosperity that surrounds you right now, in this moment.

 Notice the colors and textures, the sounds and the smells. Allow yourself to be drawn into the abundance of beauty and splendor. Really allow yourself the gift of time to let the feelings deepen within your system. Know the feeling of abundance within your body.

Jennifer Bloome is the Prosperity Alignment Healer. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperity they desire. Ready to heal? Email to schedule a free 30 minute “get acquainted” session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks.

Prove this to Yourself

The deepest and fastest behavior changes happen when you literally experience something for yourself. With that knowledge, I’m going to ask you to run a simple experiment.

For one day, before you do any action, check to see what your emotional state is first. If you have any hint of fear, worries, or a need to have something happen, don’t take action yet.

Instead, take whatever steps you need to take first to get into a good feeling place. Dance, sing, walk in nature, put your feet in the grass, or appreciate a piece of art, whatever it takes to shift into feeling good.

Now, evaluate your action, does it still feel good? If yes, then take it! If no, feel into it a little bit more, notice what action does feel good. Perhaps what feels good is no action at all in this moment.

At the end of the day, notice how you feel: about what you got accomplished, about the day in general.

Now, expand the experiment to a couple of days, or even a week. What do you notice?

I’d love to hear from you about how this feels and what happens for you.

Jennifer Bloome is the Prosperity Alignment Healer. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperity they desire. Ready to heal? Email to schedule a free 30 minute “get acquainted” session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks.

Releasing what isn’t mine – Day 9

I picked a really great time to play with ‘feeling good’ (my 30 day experience of shifting emotions).  Glacier National Park is an easy  place to feel good.  I am traveling with my children and parents for two weeks; and after 3 days here, I already feel completely disconnected from all stressors and daily life.

This makes my emotional experince today all the more intriguing to me.

After a day of beautiful sight seeing and hiking, I felt a strong wave of sadness.  Truly deep sadness that feels as if there is no bottom. 

My first reaction was, “I shouldn’t be feeling this.  I’m having a fabulous day, I am seeing beautiful sites, what’s wrong with me?”. 

Judgement, plain and simple.  Hmm, that’s an interesting response, I thought.

So, I sat with it for a while.  What I came to realize is this: this sadness isn’t mine.  I am not sure who’s it is, but it is not mine; being highly kinesthetic and intuitive and I tend to pick up a lot of other people’s ‘stuff’.

Here in this beautiful place, surrounded by glorious scenery, tapped into the energy of the mountains and the flowing water, it is easier for me to feel my own energy than when I am in the middle of my day to day life and caring for clients. 

As I sit here writing this post, I can feel my Self at my core, at peace and relaxed.  And then there is this dark terror that feels as if it is sitting directly in my solar plexus.  I have to keep reminding myself that this sadness is not mine, that I don’t need to follow it down the rabbit hole of “figuring it out.”  I can’t figure it out, it’s not my sadness.

Instead, I breathe out compassion and love to whomever is connected to this sadness.  I understand the dark place of sadness so deep that you don’t think that you’ll ever touch bottom.  And then I ever so gently send the sadness deep within this glorious space of Mother Earth I am in, gently dislodging the terror in my belly as I continue to breathe out love and compassion.

There’s a part of me that wants to make sure that whomever is on the other end of this sadness is “okay.”  I’m beginning to realize how many of my internal resources are used on a regular basis — without even being aware of it — to help those who’s emotions I pick up on.

This is a recipie for exhaustion, another emotion / feeling that I am very familiar with.

This isn’t my job.  I do no good for others when I am exhausted.

As I continue to breathe out compassion and love, and gently dislodge the remaining emotion, I appreciate the gift of this deep, dark sadness that feels like it has no bottom. 

I hear the message and I am ready to listen.

Where the rubber meets the road – day 5

So this is a familiar place.

I am now on Day 5 of the Feeling Good Matters Experience – a 30 day time period for me to focus on creating emotions that feel good, and then watch to see what happens.

The first two days were filled with very high energy and amazing coincidences, synchronicity, and prosperity.

And then it was almost if an “All engines stop.  Full Reverse” command was issued.

To be fair, it wasn’t completely sudden; those commands came separately.

On day 3, it felt like the energy of forward motion stopped.  No matter what part of my routine I tried, I didn’t get much movement.  I’d feel good for a short time, and then I could feel it drain all away.  And then, it was as if the Universe began lobbing all kinds of things at me – experiences that would try my emotional set point whether I was trying to feel good or not.

Day 4 and 5 were similar.

As I’ve taken a few days to reflect on what is going on, what I’ve come to discover is that committing to ‘feeling good’ created anxiety and fear at a deep level.  Not at the conscious level, where OF COURSE it makes sense to want to feel good.  But within those parts of me that have used anxiety and fear to keep me safe.   Within the part of me that doesn’t particularly trust change.

These are the parts that are present at all times, under the surface, creating part of my vibrational experience, creating resistance to what my conscious mind wants.  These are the parts, that although they served a useful role at one time, are now working in resistance to working within my life purpose.

This is where “the rubber meets the road” in this experience.  I could decide to just let these parts have their way – they are rather persistent!.  I could just let this experience slide.  But, I’m ready to release these parts.  They’ve served their function; I’m truly ready to release them.

As I write this, I am preparing for a two week trip to Glacier National Park.  A perfect setting, I do believe, for opening up to these parts while surrounded by stunning beauty and many, many external opportunities to feel good.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

So what is up for each of you?  How has it been paying attention to your emotions?  How has it been to make a commitment to feeling good – what has it brought up for you?

One last question that’s been on my mind: what does it truly mean to make a commitment to “feel good”?  Does it mean that we are setting the expectation to only have positive feeling emotions?  Does it mean that there will never be sadness, frustration, or angst?

I do think there was a piece of me that wanted that to be true.

At the same time, as humans, we create through contrast.  We expand the Universe through our experience of knowing what we don’t want and then stepping into knowing what we do want.

The commitment to feeling good to me, means that I am committed to paying attention to this amazing emotional guidance system (thank you Abraham-Hicks) that is within me.  To feel the full range of emotions, but know that when the ‘negative’ emotions arise, that I am separating myself from Truth, from Source.

When I can release the parts of me that want things to stay the same, that ‘see’ certain types of emotions as unsafe or dangerous, now I am fully living.  Now I am able to fully express.  Now I am able to fully and completely step into my life purpose.

Now THAT feels good.

Feeling Good Matters Experience Day 2

Yesterday, the first day of my Feeling Good Matters Experience, was a whirlwind of experiences and feelings.

I started the day doing something I’m really good at: generating a fabulous feeling.  After the meditation and EFT,  I felt completely expanded and in a state of positive expectation.  And, the experiences of the day matched that state.  I had a client restart sessions, a practitioner happened to find me on the web and wants to resell my line of fertility meditations, I received two checks in the mail, and had amazing family experiences.

I noticed something interesting, though.

As each wonderful experience happened, I had a voice in the back of my mind saying, “don’t get too attached, you know this can’t last.”  Not only was the voice present, but I noticed a background of anxiety and worry starting to build.

By the end of the day, the anxiety was ever-present.  I could blame it on the over-the-top busy week that I have.  Or the fact that I am preparing to leave the office for two weeks on vacation.  Or the fact that my family’s schedule is busy with all three children out of school.

I’m sure that all contributed.

But, what I really think was going on was I created such a “high” emotion and I’m not used to sustaining that high emotion no matter what is going on in my physical surroundings.

We learn very early to look around us to decide how to feel.  If something amazing is happening (like connecting with an acupuncturist from Ireland as I did today), I feel good.  If something frustrating is happening (like having a complete communication breakdown with my spouse), then I feel bad.  But, to truly put emphasis on feeling good means finding ways to feel good even if the external world is showing me something different.

Since I announced this experience very publicly (nothing like a .little accountability!), I was really pushing myself to feel good ALL the time.  I realized very quickly during the day how much my emotions really fluctuate during the day.

I don’t believe that I need to hold the high level of emotion I achieved with my morning routine in order to make this experience “a success”.  Life is full of contrasting emotions and experiences.

What I learned is to keep finding my way back to my center, to the still point within me.  From here, it’s easier to make a choice to step into the better feeling thought.

As I continue to move forward with this experience, I want to get in touch with that voice I mentioned earlier – the one that is essentially waiting for the other shoe to drop, because things can’t be “this easy”.  That voice has a lot to share with me, I’m sure.

Hope all is well with each of you.  Let me know how your experiences are going!

Feeling Good Matters

Strive.  Push.  Plan.  Make it Happen.  Organize.  Struggle through.  Ignore the pain.  Ignore the fear.  Action.

I’m not 100% sure where and how these verbs and actions became so ingrained in me.  But, there’s a part of me that still feels they are absolutely necessary to create what I want to create in terms of business, prosperity, and making a difference in the world.

I know I’m not the only one.  These actions are so celebrated in our culture.  What is on your to-do list right now?

In the midst of all of these actions, I would bet that “feeling good” is not on the list.  That’s for when all the other actions are completed.  It is to be saved for “when the results” happen.  For when it’s time to celebrate.

And yet, the larger part of me, the part of me that is connected to Source, knows this is backwards.

Creating from a place of trying hard, striving, etc. simply creates more situations where you must try hard, strive, work HARD and more.

I know this first hand.  When I take the time to BE in the emotions of what I want, the Universe responds over and over with the magic, miracles, coincidences, and synchronicities that lead me opportunities I could never have even imagined with joy and ease.

Bottom line: feeling good matters – to my personal life, to my business, to my ability to make a difference in the world.

So the next question that comes up for me is this: if I know this, if I have evidence of this, why don’t I DO it more often?

I have to laugh at myself as I write that sentence because it puts me right back in the “striving” loop that I know doesn’t work!  However, I also know that I want to make “feeling good” a higher priority in my daily life.

To that end, I have decided to embark on a “Feeling Good Matters Experience“.

For the next 30 days, I will purposely start my day in ways that make me feel good.  In addition, throughout the day, I will pay attention to how I am feeling and find a way to shift my thoughts if I notice that I am starting a downward spiral.  The “old” part of me wants to have a full plan – a complete action plan laid out.  But, of course, that is completely opposite to my intention.

Today, I started my morning  listening to Deva Premal’s Prosperity Chant from the album Mantras for Precarious Times.  I followed that with a series of affirmations paired with EFT.  The affirmations focused on feeling my love for the work that I do, appreciating the flow in my life, connecting with my brilliance and choosing to focus on what I want.

I have to say, I do feel good!  For the next 30 days, I’ll be sharing the results of this experience with you.  More importantly, I invite you to participate.  Imagine how different life could be for you if you made a commitment to this same experience?  Come and play with me for the next 30 days.  Write your intention in the comments below and share with me what comes up for you.

Alright, I can’t end this post without giving you a link to the song that has been playing endlessly in my mind since I staarted writing this post.  Any guesses?  Check it out here: