Why Do We Manifest Lack?

If we live in an abundant universe, and money is just energy, and we are Source and therefore have access to all the resources of Source…then why do we still experience lack?

If the key to running a successful business is to have structures, marketing tools, connections to Social Media, a list, and making offers, why do we do all of that and STILL experience lack?

We humans are such funny creatures! We take the gift of Free Will and we use it to create all kinds of conditions to receive. Our outer world is a manifestation of our inner world. Always. If there is lack of something showing up in your business or your daily life, there is a part of you that is carrying a lack belief.

Not good enough. Not loveable. Not safe. Unimportant.

However, instead of recognizing that the external is just a mirror of the internal, we desperately push for the external conditions to change first, so we can finally have the evidence we need to feel good about ourselves.

Waiting until you have proof simply doesn’t work. Even if you are able to create enough action to drive some income into your checking account, as long as the internal beliefs are still out of alignment with abundance, the flow will not be sustainable. You just end up stuck and in lack all over again.

The way to keeping a sustainable flow is to come into alignment with what is really true: you are good enough. You are loveable. You are safe. You matter to Source.

These aren’t just esoteric self-help statements. These are the building blocks that when assembled, create the firm foundation that will lead to the fertile business and life you desire.

When you heal the internal lack, the external lack evaporates and in a very sustainable way. At some level, healing the internal lack is all about making the decision to do it. And yet, it’s often not as simple as someone telling you that you must do it and you just say, “Oh, okay. Now I love myself.”

But when you get enough gunk cleared out of the way to shift your consciousness, you are able, one step at a time, to keep making the choice, making the decision, being the person who is love, who is enough, who is safe, and who does matter.

Then, evidence of your very fertile life and business shows up in droves and lack shifts to prosperity.

Jennifer Bloome is the Fertile Business Midwife. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperous, fertile, Soul-satisfying life and business they desire. Ready to transform? Visit JenniferBloome.com to set up your complimentary Belief Discovery Session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks that are keeping you from your own prosperous life.

Are You Controlling From Your Mind or Creating With Your Soul?

How many books have you read on Law of Attraction so you can move your business ahead?  How many resources have you plumbed to connect more deeply with your purpose?  How many intuitive tools do you have at your disposal?

If you are anything like me, the answer is: dozens.  Scores.  Multitudes.  A plethora.

These resources are all wonderful tools.  You have to know what you don’t know before anything new can happen.

And yet what I have noticed with myself and my clients is that we expect the tools to be the magic.  We fall into the trap of believing that focusing on expressing the tools in our life is the answer.  At some level we decide that we KNOW what we’re supposed to do and that should be enough to change our lives – and if it isn’t perhaps there is some new piece of knowing that we simply need to discover.

Here’s the Truth: The tools are simply the path to the magic. The real magic happens when you open the door at the end of the path.

What’s the path?

These tools simply put us on the path us to remembering that we are of the Divine.  That we came as a Soul with a Divine purpose.  That we have all the power of the Divine at our very fingertips in every moment because we are of the Divine.

Opening the door is all about living from this place of connection.  Not just knowing that it’s true, but living from the Truth each moment of the day.

When we run our businesses from this place of being, this place of connection, prosperity abounds:  prosperity of time, of deep relationship with our tribe, of love of our daily lives, of money.

And yet, this connection can be hard to remember and difficult to live in our daily lives with all of the crap we pick up along the way from our human experience.

This crap keeps the knowing at an intellectual level instead of a body level, instead of the deep resonance, instead of stepping into a connection with your Soul.

This crap also keeps us from recognizing that this ‘simple’ principle (‘simple’ in understanding, perhaps not so simple in the expression of it) is worthy of some time and exploration and conscious daily choices.

This crap keeps us in the place of, “but I know that already and it hasn’t worked.”  Or, “I don’t have time for this.  There just has to be something else because I know all of this already.”

The mind is really an amazing structure – but so not helpful in this situation.

The seed for the blossoming of the magic of prosperity throughout your business and life is already within you.  You don’t need to add any more knowledge.  You simply need to water what’s already there.  I promise.

Here’s something else I promise: helping others uncover the magic of their prosperity is the work I’m here to do.  This is my Soul work.

I would love to help you water that seed within you so that 2012 becomes the year you shift from attempting to create through controlling with your mind to creating prosperity through being from your Soul.

If this resonates with you, set up a time for a conversation so that we can chat, I can answer any questions you have and we can decide if this is the time to start this work.  To set up the conversation, simply click this link or paste the following URL into your browser: https://my.timedriver.com/TGMZM

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to create through magic?

Many blessings to you throughout this holiday season and evermore,




Do It, or Don’t Do It, Just Don’t Do Both!

I love the work I do — truly. However, if I were to follow my deepest secret longing, I’d be in musical theater.

Think Patti LuPone as Evita, or Heather Headley belting out her Tony winning performance in Elton John’s Aida.

If I’m really honest: Christina Aguilera (complete with pearl strand costume) singing “Guy What Takes His Time” in Burlesque.

One thing I know for sure is that to create these kinds of performances, these women had to go full out. No halfway. No feeling bashful. They each dug deep within their hearts and souls, became the character, believed in the character, and then the performance just flowed.

I could tell they were heart connected because there was no overacting that left me cringing. No head-only based performance that left the performance seeming as if it were simply a series of notes that would soon be forgotten.

The same is true for any business owner running a heart based, purpose based business. You just can’t do it halfway. You have to plug deep into your heart and your soul, become the work, believe in the work, and then let your words flow.

However, we don’t always recognize when we are only going halfway. We think we’re putting ourselves out there fully, when really we’re either over-acting or acting from our heads.

Here are some symptoms of running your business halfway:

  • Not wanting to find your niche; feeling like you have to serve everybody.
  • Worrying more about what your non-authentic clients will think of your message than your authentic clients. In other words, worrying what others think of the work you are putting out there and watering down your message to appeal to everyone instead of the people you are really meant to serve.
  • Blasting your message over and over, and over, needing people to connect with you.
  • Focusing only on the money. Operating from a place of needing money.
  • Needing to have a full calendar / particular amount of income, etc., before you feel worthy of saying you are good at what you do.

In working with my clients — and from my own personal experiences — we run halfway when we carry negative beliefs about what it means to be successful. Or what it means about you to truly stand up and believe fully in your work.

Clearing these underlying beliefs lets you fully and completely step into your heart, align with your Soul’s work, and help all the people you are meant to help and connect with in your business.

Get out of your own way. Step fully and confidently into who you are and let the world see you as you are, in your full, connected glory.

Now that may not be a musical theater number, but this is the work that makes my heart and soul sing!

Jennifer Bloome is the Prosperity Alignment Healer. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperity they desire. Ready to heal? Email to schedule a free 30-minute “get acquainted” session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks.

What is Enough Money?

My guess is that if I asked 100 people, I would get 100 different opinions that all boiled down to one simple answer: more than I have now.

Since I work in the area of prosperity, the question of how much money is enough comes up with almost everyone. Certainly the perception that there isn’t enough is pervasive.

Yet, each client has had a unique version of what wasn’t enough.

From the client who couldn’t invest in any more sessions because her husband constantly told her they didn’t have enough money (but then confided in me that he insisted they pay for everything in cash, including their current home). To the client who was literally shopping the food shelves. To the client who called to celebrate the biggest ‘win’ she’s ever experienced and in the same breath told of her terror because her calendar for new appointments is now blank. The underlying emotion is the same: fear.

Fear that there isn’t ever going to be enough.

The truth of the matter is: there isn’t one number, one situation, one scenario that will define ‘enough’ for all of us.

The truth is that ‘enough’ isn’t a number at all; it’s an emotion, it’s a decision. This is true whether we literally have a negative checking balance or hundreds of thousands of dollars in a retirement account. I’ve been both places, not always in the correct sequence.

We use money as an expression of our worth, as an expression of our safety in the world, as a way to cover up our own personal shame.

Money was never meant for this purpose. Money is simply energy; energy that can be transformed into the physical, tangible things that we require in our life here on planet Earth.

Geneen Roth says, “The relationship with money, like the relationship with food, is a way we act out beliefs that we don’t know we have.”

I invite you to ask yourself the question, “How much is enough? When will I know that I finally have enough?” The answers to these questions will give you what is ready to be healed, so you can finally know, right now, in this moment, there is enough.

When you are in the vibration of enough, you will open the doorway to your abundance and your physical experience will flood with prosperity.

What are you ready to heal, to release, so you can know that no matter what is going on around you right now, that there is enough?

Jennifer Bloome is the Prosperity Alignment Healer. Jennifer helps people identify and heal the blocks that are keeping them from the prosperity they desire. Ready to heal? Email to schedule a free 30-minute “get acquainted” session to begin to identify and heal your personal blocks.